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Joel Embiid vs DeMarcus Cousins! Funny Post Game Interview 76ers vs Kings

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Christian Villarreal says:

"After I retire" ???

Iveroni Mcdonald says:

Cousins and Marc Gasol the best center Anthony Davis a PF

Sidney Coles says:

After I retire lm Schleep ??

Amadou Ndiaye says:

the interview tho lol

khaled alotaibi says:

Demarcus should be To Knicks

Lildiggad says:

And everyone thought the Center position was dead

evernals says:

Slap ASSS!!!!

All This Power says:

Cousins always been a savage.

some person rubio says:

is it just me or did okafor suddenly fell of the map

Van Van says:

And I thought playing video games required no talent ?

Zuriel Laryea says:

46% after I retire

31% that was gay

Rest are irrelevant

xLastKing says:

"Butt slapping contest" LMFAO

Enveed74 E says:

00:30 »» One of the sickest passes i ever saw

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