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Jennifer Aniston Interview Prank

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Millions of you watched Chris Stark’s interviews with Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston. The amazing thing about those videos was, despite his awkward questions, the conversations actually went well!
But what if they didn’t? What if the next time Chris had a NIGHTMARE interview?

For this video, BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills played a prank on Chris. Unbelievably, Hollywood megastar Jennifer Aniston agreed to help. Scott persuaded her to play the role of WORST INTERVIEWEE EVER. And of course… Chris knew nothing about it.


EnglishableOscar says:

Don’t understand the hate about this video at all. Found it hilarious.
Everyone involved was a great sport, Jennifer Aniston made it so perfectly
awkward and you could see Stark reeling and trying so hard to recover the
interview. If you don’t like this kind of comedy (it’s very Ricky Gervais),
then that’s fine, but there’s no reason to tell the world it’s a bad type
of comedy. Clearly people enjoy it, or this video wouldn’t have over 90%
likes. Everyone has their own taste, don’t force yours down other peoples’

modifiedcarforums says:

This is not even remotely funny, not in the slightest, I felt like cringing
for Jennifer. Why does she put up with bs like this?

Danny Fratella says:

That wasn’t at all funny… I feel bad for Jennifer, that must have been so

Harry Rickard says:

I feel really sorry for Chris now.

kelly kefron says:

aw Jennifer Anniston is too nice, I can tell she felt bad 

smoothandchunky1 says:

Where is the humor in this? How do people derive joy from making others
uncomfortable? Shame on Aniston. Saw her on Ellen yesterday and found her
honest and genuine. This video makes her look like the typical Hollywood
ass. Even worse that she agreed to do it. Prank pullers are a less than
humane faction of the population. This video lost me.

Felix Andersson says:

These questions were bad however 

CeleBait says:

Fake as fuck and not funny

Ash Conlon says:

This was no where near as good as I thought it’d be and how it could’ve

Thursday121am says:

What a typical stuck up Hollywood BITCH!!! WHY would she be mean to him????
The guy was just trying to interview her and he was being nice! SHE WASNT
BEING FAIR TO HIM!!! She must think she’s too good to be there. Typical
hollywood stuck up actress. No wonder Brad Piff divorced her!!!

teagen ocide says:

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PlagaXTifi says:

I wonder what Jennifer’s pussy looks like? I would love to see it. She
probably has that 70s thing going on.

Kozzy06 says:

Wow, that guy is a total pussy, did he really nearly cry at the end there?
The modern day male ladies and gents. Jeez.

John Paul says:

Jennifer gets out of her fap-cave to promote her latest shitty film. Now,
back to your cave bitch. Back to your orgies and cocaine streaks.

adriana paralimni says:

Can somebody explain to me what exactly happened in this video?? I don’t
speak english very well and i didn’t understand especially the end.

Spillage66 says:

The type of “prank” that you’d expect someone in the royal family to be
involved with! Boring, terribly tame, over hyped and full of shit editing!

SignalsOverTheAir says:

It’s not as good as the famous Mila Kunis video, (nothing will ever top
that), but this interview was entertaining, and I do agree with most people
in the comments that Jennifer’s too nice and that another actress would of
been better to get over dramatic to Chris’s questions. Chris is going to
get Scott back so good for this, that Scott will be most likely be
embarrassed for at least 7 months. the payback could possibly strain their
friendship and work relationship. Though if Scott dishes it out, he has to
be able to take it as well. Chris, think long and hard on the payback Scott
will be receiving within the next couple of months. 

Hannah galpin says:

Hahha, this was funny! I don’t think it was that over-hyped. I mean Chris
bless him is bound to find the slightest challenge in an interview
incredibly awkward, something other professionals wouldn’t bulk at.

screenflicker1 says:

If the interviewer gets uncomfortable like that, he souldn’t be in
interview business. You gotta be confident. The lady he’s interviewing is
an actress! The contribution to society is entertainment. She’s not
einstein or newton. So I’d say I think these are not bad questions. It is
ok to ask. If she feels uncomfortable, move right along.

Sava says:

She didn’t curse, scream, or even raised her voice, so how was she rude?
This interview wasn’t that awkward, the interviewer is either a amateur or
chicken if he can’t take a little resistance from a guest. He might
consider another job because you’re not supposed to be offended when the
people you interview don’t want to discuss something. He was too over the
top and dramatic at the end! Staged and FAKE!

Neilina Verma says:

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viperdan1234 says:

Haha… So cruel. HOWEVER, you walked in far to soon. You should have let
him suffer for just a few more minutes. Haha

wibbz94 says:

I’ve never cringed so much in my life

Tom Bazuka says:

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Brian Buckley says:

At the start it looked like they’ll never be good Friends *Tumbleweed*

Comedy Central UK says:

Thumbs up for Jennifer Aniston! 

Ashley MacDonald says:

This is the lamest/saddest/most pathetic thing ever. 

Kate Hughes says:

the questions were completely inappropriate? if this hadn’t been titled as
a prank i would have thought she was just calling him out on asking the
typical sex-fuelled questions female actresses are always asked

stuart walsh says:

which idiot gave microphones to these two? Not funny. 

HalfLucan says:

This is why you cant have a UK version of Punked, when we get pranked we
think “thank f*ck that’s over” and start to feel sorry for ourselves…
Americans are like, “you got me!”

William Gowdy says:

Feel so sorry for Chris haha, this was a very well set up orank, interested
to see what he does to get his own back against Scott haha

lolitocha linnea says:

Oh come on it wasn’t that bad.. Jennifer wasn’t even mean she just kept
saying that she does not want to talk about something. I am sure there are
much worse real life drama queen celebrities out there. Yes it is
misfortunate for a reporter if they don’t get answers from the person being
interviewed but that’s where you can show if you are a good interviewer and
get them to talk. The guy here seems like first grader who is going to cry
cos he did not get an answer he wanted. 

djpheeze says:

Everything’s much funnier when preceded by a minute and a half of someone
telling you how funny this is going to be.

xiingli says:

I wish she took it further.

KustomFu says:

this wasn’t very good at all, I was expecting her to actually get mad or
flip out or do ANYTHING more entertaining than saying “that’s

Lizzy Hodgins says:

Even when she tries to be mean and awkward she’s still as sweet as pie!
Love her!

Christopher Jannette says:

Why get all emotional bro. Have fun with it. 

TheStewmeup says:

Annoys me that the video is called Jennifer Aniston interview prank!….. 

ThePrimeSinisterr says:


Ariful Karim says:

They could’ve dragged it out a little bit more 

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