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I’m On Vacation (Song)

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Worst. Vacay. Ever. iTUNES: http://bit.ly/ImOnVacation
Check out some crazy vacation stories here: http://www.vacaygonecraycray.com
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Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link
Co-Directed by: Benjamin Eck
Music Production by: Mark Byers
Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Edited by: Brian Jaggers, Benjamin Eck


Mike Tornabene as Dom Mazzeti

Shanna Malcolm as “The Boss”

Candace Carrizales as “Fudge Criminal #1”

Shannon Coffey as “Fudge Criminal #2”

AD: Stevie Wynne Levine
Production/Prop Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Steadicam Op: Aaron Smith
AC: Peter Mares
Gaffer: Todd Bishop
Key Grip: Andrew Kowalski
Additional Editing: Benjamin Eck
Audio: Morgan Locke
Factory Set Design: Mike Pasley
Factory Set Assistant: Jonas Studer
Locations Manager: Jay J. Levy for The Location Spot
Lead Makeup Artist: Robyn Rebbe
Makeup Assistant:Kimberly Graczyk
Makeup Assistant:Laura Peyer
Makeup Assistant: Katie Vernon
PA: Alexander Punch
PA: Chris Frederick
PA: Bryan Gomez
PA/Production Intern: Chase Hilt


Shane Horrell AKA Mr. Hoodbrush as Airbrush Artist

Deus Xavier Scott as Surfboard Carrier


Ice Cream Sandwiches:
Chase Block
Caleb Foote
Scott Kieffer Johnson
Jennifer Abraham

Marie Ueda
Elizabeth Bravo
Luke Christianson
Felipe Quan
Ray Quiambao
Penny Morales
Christopher Thaxter
Michelle Cuevas
Norberto Estrada
Daniel Juarez
Norma Hermosillo
Alyssa Avila
Mason Applonie
Lindsay Young
Stina Pederson
Brendan Cadigan Weinhold
Junot Lee

Beach Goers:
Afroza Sheikh
Jonathan Barrientos
Monica Miller
Celeste Miller
Emery Miller
Brooke Miller
Matthew Awad
Dianna Romero-Cruz
Luis Romero-Cruz
Esai Romero-Cruz
Grant Garcia-Rojas
Sarah Paek

Choice Hotels
Collective Digital Studio
House of Pastry
Venice Gift Shop
Archisand Professional Sand Sculptors
And you, for reading this far 🙂


Rhett & Link says:


F.C. Productions :) says:

Like if your watching in 2015

ScepitPanda says:

They haven’t uploaded cuz there on vacation XD

Ibraheem Hussein says:

Like if you are watching in 2014.

MegaBubbleGamer1 says:

Can you guys do me a favor and pour this comment with likes for no reason?

Rianne Coops says:

Helloo?? Are you still alive? We miss you guys!

Marshmallow57 says:


ghostlygaming says:

like if you watched twice

♥FudgeBrownie♥ says:

Why aren’t they uploading? Did they quit?!

Zamir A. Hernandez says:

Complete the lyrics just for fun

“You know what, don’t worry about that, yeah…

Shaymin36 says:

RIP Rhett and link 2006-2014

They will be forever missed. :'(

Austin Bond says:

Like if you’re watching in 2016

ForeverAGLover says:

I really gotta get the OCD Song out of my head so i’m putting another song
on here!
Song #2
I’m On Vacation (Song)

Jeff Ah Sam says:

Do a rap battle on YOUTUBERS

Lucy Goosy says:

where have you guys gone?

alexander venugopal says:

01:13 U can totally see the doll legs. And the surf thing totally fell off,
not in his eyes.
But it’s okay CUZ I’M ON VACATION!!!!

Caras do Gameplay says:

How did their boss didn’t become a zombie too?

Halli Jaz says:

there zombie voices sounds like OP Mutant Godzilla xD

Edwin Maarleveld says:

Very clever. Great languages skills!
I’m On Vacation (Song): http://youtu.be/M2WTRqCu_DY

Taylor Griggs says:

Best Video Ever!! totes luv it!! You guys make the best videos!!

willena hopson says:

Rhett and link I only started watching you guys 2 days ago and you guys are
as funny as all my other you tubers I watch. Soon I’ll have a channel
called multi fan and give you a shoutout with the other you tubers like
jacksepticeye,markiplier,and pewdiepie just to name a few

DuctTapeGamer says:

Okay so this was released in August 2014 when I’m typing this it’s January
2015 and it’s still the newest video This channel is dead accept it

shaniyah brown says:

Omg who else loves this beat!

Morico Marrionette says:


Nancy Madrigal says:

Pause at 1:13 and u will see a dummy on the bike instead of Rhett 

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