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I’m a Textpert (Rap Battle)

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A texting rap battle for the ages.
iTUNES: http://bit.ly/PTjxRD
If you’re texting, you’re not driving. Please visit http://www.distraction.gov and don’t text and drive!

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Steve Kardynal as Drifter

Justine Ezarik as Swedish Masseuse

Olga Kay as Pregnant Woman

Louis Cole as Yogi

Candace Carrizales as Drifter’s Sister

Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link
Music Production by: Mark Byers
Music Composition by: Mike Cionni
Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Edited by: Benjamin Eck
Production Designer: Mike Pasley

Additional Crew:
AD: Stevie Wynne Levine
Production Coordinator: Laura Benson
AC: Alexander Swickard
Gaffer: Todd Bishop
Grip/PA: Chris Frederick

Special thanks to Eileen Rivera, Jason Djang, and Becca Canote at YouTube Space LA!


Royal MCwolf says:

anyone else find Link so cute when he says “that’s all im confortable
sharing at this time?” (2:08)

Bobby Fehlzündung says:

If you look very closely you can see that the cars arent real.

jovan hayes says:

5 things I know about you:
1. Your reading this comment
2. You can’t say “M” without touching your lips
3. Your a mythical beast
4. You are logged into a YouTube account
5. Your human
Like and reply if I’m right!

Coreavalis says:

( O O )
/ . .
/( )
*/ / / *
.~ ` / / ‘ ~.
{ -. V / .- }
_ *`. | | | / .’* _
>_ *} | | | {* _< /. - ~ ,*' .^. `*, ~ - . '-'|/ |`-`

Modesty Lirones says:

Like if your watching this in 2016

Cloud2 says:

It warms my heart so much to see wedding rings on both their hands <3

Anna lam says:

UMM DOES ANYONE SEE a line on Links throat? (0:25)

KombatGod says:

Automatic captions never get old.
“Yes, because I’m a text burn
an expert and texting
redneck nothing like the copyright teens
to the an abstracted
about he has left behind the wheel when I get actually at
you should be but that’s on the boats are perennial
Euroleague Alagappa got another Obama
leave it to a club in Canada cattle
until you get to where you to convert it to tell. for.”

Adrian Castro says:

Ok I hope it wasnt only me but after half the song i knew they would
obviously crash into each other.. like its common sense two dumb as hell
drivers who txt end up hitting each other… Psychology 101

TheDiamondArrow says:

Isn’t that one girl with Rhett from the Hey Hey Show?

iLiam says:

It kinda sounds liek a Eminem song <3

Franky Gronvik says:

I first thought that “textpert” had something to do with “pervert”.

←Mr.JC→ says:

1:37 How is he driving?

TheLuckySaGe says:

I feel more safe as a pedestrian on a street with texting drivers than
being on a street with asian drivers.

Jonah Sichelman says:

Like if ur watching in 7098352

Nicole Song says:

Everything that’s happened before is happened some more
That’s all I’m comfortable with sharing at this time


I don’t get it.

Not A Mosquito says:

Has anyone decoded the binary he texted? Probably a secret easter egg or

Chris Ramírez says:

I saw one right now…

Thijmen Zwier says:

My friend had an epilepsy attack watching this later it was proven it was
not by the video :)



Wild Mitchell says:

I can touch-type around 80 words per minute on a keyboard (PC), which I’ve
only recently mastered, however I can touch-type on any phone/tablet
without practice,
but nobody I know can touch-type on any kind of portable, and it really
freaks me out! Considering I text a few times a month, and I can copy full
paragraphs (punctuated, no mistakes) onto a phone or an iPad, that is some
useless talent lol!

Justin Snyder says:

This is the only channel I have found where people are not douchebags in
the comments .. We must keep this sacred . 

Brianna Stoker says:

I love when you guys have rap battles

SharkBait19904 says:

Is it just me or does that HunanPenguin girl not look happy this entire
video. Everyone else seemed to be having fun yet she just keeps like that
frown on her face the entire time. 

Kari Wilsey Music says:

Did anyone else notice Link is on THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD?

The Phantasm says:

Link’s weird neck thing around 0:26 freaks me out. I wonder what caused
(for the record, i know that is not actually his neck doing that)

The Master Enemy of the Doctor says:

Im a text pert 

Andrew Augustine says:

how come Link dives on a beach and the Rhett Drives thru snowy tree paths

S White says:

I really wanna see link do alphabet aerobics.

Aron Karl Josef Larsson Shaghoie says:

1:31 What country is the background?

Angelo García says:

I’m kind of obsessed with Candice.

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