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How to Take a Photo (w/ Key and Peele)

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Learn how to take the perfect duo photo.
“Key & Peele” Season 3 returns to Comedy Central on September 18th.
Featuring Key & Peele. Check them out on http://youtube.com/ComedyCentral

A segment from The Mythical Show! http://bit.ly/MythShow12
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Written & Directed by: Rhett & Link
Produced by: Stevie Wynne Levine
Director of Photography: Benjamin Eck
Editor: Benjamin Eck
In-Studio Segment Producer: Jason Inman, Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Production Coordinator: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
Audio: Jason Inman
Production Assistant: Lauren Fritz
Background Music by Royalty Free Music Library

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Rhett & Link says:

You can’t take a duo photo until @JordanPeele and @KeeganMKey show you how.
http://youtu.be/tDpX1X4uBO0 #keyandpeele

musicbyastrid says:


Rhett & Link says:

How many of you have used the pose “girls at a party?”

Isaac Gomez says:

*”‘Cos we’re black”*

29Evilbunny says:

Wow! My two favorite duos! I didn’t expect you four to actually work
together, it really made my day.

Jo Cogswell says:

Lol drop shadow was the best

s. bae says:

Very cute Key & Peele. You two have matching outfits.

Joyce Bangasan says:

Damn, Link sure likes leaving his mouth open in most of the photos XD

Luke Pickens says:

rhett and links poses look like the sims 

Aeig says:

drop shadow ftw

YourNightmar3 says:

are they gay?

Expzrt says:

3:36 looked kinda strange at first.

Kawaii Potato says:

My two favorite shows in one place!

EdLillywhiteNorton says:

This is like Laurel and Hardy meet Abbott and Costello, or Pryor and
Wilder, or…funny stuff!

yozo217 says:

LOL at the drop shadow! XD

H.T Retzlaff says:

I died at nosey urinators

Spencer E says:

are you a thoughtful guy?

Tristin Snodgrass says:

i love key and peele!!!!!!

Stewie Griffin says:

Those armpit stains on Keegan…

Sandra Janis says:

Have been watching your videos and enjoying them oh so much woohoo! Went to
find Key and Peele and boy are they funny! Thanks for introducing them

Yuu Shi says:

Drop shadow nearly killed me haha

Johanna G. says:

Hahaha the “girls” photos killed me

Patrick Trego says:

1:08 basically every key and peele joke ever

jamesblond516 says:

I cracked when they said cuz we’re black

420CARNIFEX says:

get key and peel on a GMM episode 

AIphaGamer9 says:

Ok dont get me wrong, im a big fan of Key and Peele, but i’ve started to
notice that basically all of their sketches reference/revolve around their
race. People these days get all bitchy if people bring up race, but these
two do it constantly. For example, sketches where they do this: Black Ice,
Hoodie, Alien Imposters, Substitute Teacher, Obama Meet and Greet, Sex with
Black Guys, Das Negros, White Sounding Black Guys, Auction Block, Mixed
Weiner, Lando’s Fan, Power Falcons, etc etc etc.
It just pisses me off white people cant mention race without being called
racist, but all the other races can, and if we say they’re doing it, we’re
called racist.

Es7andTaC says:

Of course, classic black and white.

Yasmeeneh and Ryden is life says:

Weekend at Pete roses 

Vampireprincessica9 says:

Drop shadow!!hahahahaha X”D

Emma Block says:



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