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How To Kill a Mustache

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Written, Directed, Shot, and Edited by Rhett & Link
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Mustached Man: Link
Narrator: Rhett
Mustached Man’s Woman: Christy Neal
Pyrotechnics: Jason Inman
Music from http://RoyaltyFreeMusicLibrary.com

The Mustache Manifesto:
So, you’ve decided to shave your mustache.
It’s not as straightforward as you might think.
First off, reconsider. Remember that the mouth brow remains the clearest expression of masculinity a man can have above his waist.
So, give it 24 hours. Do a few things that only a mustached man can do, like investigate a crime, or paint a mustache painting.
Next, let your woman touch your lip rug one last time. Assuming she doesn’t like it, make her touch it. Remind her what she’ll be missing.
Spend some alone time with your Flavor Savor. Pet him. Tell him a secret.
If, at this point, you’re still determined to annihilate your soup strainer, so be it.
Some guys go straight for the razor. That’s horseskat. This is a new experience for your face caterpillar, so you’ve got to be…gentle.
Start with scissors, and slowly cut away a few hairs here and there, speaking reassuringly to your lip blanket.
Once your Cookie Duster understands and accepts what’s happening, get it done.
Resist the temptation to indulge in temporary mustache shenanigans.
Now is the time to officially say goodbye to your booger broom. It’s normal to cry at this point.
Gather the shorn hairs together, and make a llammastache.
Finally, give your dearly departed dirt squirrel a traditional Viking funeral. Send him to the Nordic Gods of facial hair upon a flaming raft.
As regret inevitably sets in, don’t lose heart. Your grief is already nourishing the roots of your next nose neighbor. The cycle of mustache continues.


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martin shervington says:

Gentlemen: you know what is coming don’t you?
*There will be an announcement in about an hour, so have closed comments
until then…*
#thiswontbeagoodlook #itwillbefunthough #whoiswithme ? #ns 

God Emperor Lionel Lauer says:

*So, you’ve decided to get rid of your moustache? – Here’s how.*
Via +Jenny Bee 

Levi Johansen says:

Any man who kills his mustache is a beardless woman!

Ashley Collins says:

Especially for +Thomas Sanjurjo 

Jenny Bee says:

Probably theeeee funniest effin video I’ve ever had the pleasure of
watching. That is all.

TheCarrotBush says:

Woa, this is more than one year old now? Time flies man…
Dangit, why didn’t I watch this yesterday, then it would’ve been exactly
one year ago…

LikeAGTR34 says:

I got the instructions wrong,
My dick is stuck in the toaster.

Cryptid says:

When Link whispered to his mustache he said, “I killed an old lady.”

Lovi Poekimo says:

See, Link’s eyes are gorgeous, they’re just hard to see through those nerdy


Its not nordic gods its called valhalla and the moustache only goes to
valhalla if its accepted 

joseph tauzin says:

There’s only one God and he’s in Heaven!!

Jenna Pearce says:


MaximusAdonicus says:

Link actually looked so much more manlier with the stache! Should have kept
it! Not many are impoved by stache, but he was!


At first I thought this was another HowToBasic video.

TrueBlueSear says:

Except nobody actually does that.

Mikayla Wilkinson says:

for my friends doing no shave november, this is how to kill your mustache

SithAssassinOfSkyrim says:

Ha ha did he say “I killed an old lady.”?

Flossymix says:

Face caterpillars. I laughed so hard

Christine Bahk says:

This was my first video!Still awsome

francisco m says:

he killed a what?

Yoshiki Kishinuma says:

did link say he killed a old lady XD 0:30 – 0:35

Ian Portwood says:


victor bill says:


Flying V says:

Narrator(Rhett): “…tell him a secret.”
MustacheMan(Link): “I killed an old lady.”
I thought I was the only one…

charlie reade says:

I did this and went to cort for littering,

You misled me, mythical guide

Mr. Derpy says:

llama-stache :3

Virtual Racing Network says:

I love how this was my first Rhett & Link video…. I’ll Cherish it forever

Joseph McDonald says:


Joanna Moran-Rush says:

This video shows how to properly remove a mustache from your face. More or
less. lol

Luca Palomba says:

i done this tragedy last week

Karkat Vantas says:

if i ever decide to shave my beard and moustashe or cut my long hair, i
sure will give it a viking funeral!

EVOLVE Clan says:

Haha! Hilarious! I love your videos!

Theworldisbeautiful9 says:

This makes me want a mustache :{D. Too bad I’m a girl.

VikingIGN says:

Anyone knows the song which goes like “k-k-kira mustache k-k-kira mustache”
and then the drop comes, i’ve forgot what it’s called and only these kind
of songs pop up

Matthew H says:
Livy Randall says:

This is so funny. Reminds me of something I’ve read before . . . next post.

Brandner Kaspar says:

#bartcontent :D

Shane Spencer says:

OMG no way I just laughed out loud to this!!! He said *Booger Breaker.*

#fridayfunposts #comedy #funny #funnyvideooftheday 

Josh Berg says:


Google+ Facial Hair Club says:
Rhett & Link says:

Manly men need this video. Help them find it in their time of need
How To Kill a Mustache

Benjamin Weiss says:

Since Movember is over, consider this before shaving off your mouthbrow.

Matthew VandenBerg says:

Well gents, #Movember is over.

*Don’t think for one second that I’m getting rid of my moostache!*

Ant Pruitt says:

This is awesome! Thanks, +Thomas Sanjurjo

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