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HILARIOUS LUCKY BLOCK TEAM CRAFTED EDITION! (Minecraft Mods – Lucky Block & Team Crafted Mod)

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Join me, Simon and Deadlox in today’s amazing brand NEW Minecraft video as we go to my tropical paradise island combining the all-time favorite LUCKY BLOCK minecraft mod with the team crafted mod and a bonus – the bats mod!

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Gaming Channel: http://youtube.com/bodil40Gaming
Livestream: http://twitch.tv/bodil40
Twitter: http://twitter.com/bodil40
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bodil40

Map (without lucky blocks and mobs): http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/private-dream-island/
►Intro by http://youtube.com/NotATaco22
►Intro Music by Approaching Nirvana:
Song – Melbourne: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjgJemPDWpI
iTunes: http://bit.ly/15NJP9W
Song: Virtual is Where We Live (feat. TryHardNinja)
Buy the song on iTunes: http://bit.ly/1qwYiAg
►Background music by Kevin MacLeod (Latin sounds and others) http://incompetech.com/
►Music from the YouTube Audio Library


Tyler Dembinsky says:

Hate to tell ya but Team Crafted broke a while ago…

Nio De Weerdt says:

Why does team crafted make any vids?

Bodil40 says:

Watch today’s funny minecraft video :D

jorgeandres2001 says:

Bodil the shield does damage so you could have woned

Hannah Park says:

No! It’s 10 pm where i am and my parents are forcing me to sleep!

DjWafflez // The Leader Of The WaffleArmy says:

lol why you stay attached when u use the bat??

Joel Jose says:

You should use Splash Potions of harming (from creative) to kill the sheeps
or other peaceful mobs its Very easy because they have a large range. TRY

pinkjay3 says:

7:15 – 7:32 Bodil is making the Mudkips sing Sandstorm! :D

Cheesus__Bri says:

i suggest the suggestion of baseball with the bats and ghasts
my suggestion that i suggested will be suggested again if the suggestion is
not good enough

GurtBFroe says:

There is a poop mod, and it has my favorite block: Super Shit. xD

MusicRocks207 says:

Don’t even try to say I’m In Me Mum CAar becuase u don’t know how to do a
british accent Stahp!!!! Plez

Zoey Ong says:

i like bodil’s comment section, its just such a nice place compared to
others :)

Secret Films says:

Hey guys I’m a small channel, I thought maybe some of could go check me out
and please subscribe, it would mean a lot to me and make my day also give
me feed backs thank you !!!

ZiNkToXiCzZ|Sup Bro says:

Wait wiat wait!!!! so SSundee plays with TeamCrafted but dont record it ??

Joshua Nguyen says:

I thought tea crafted was disbanded

Curtis Slater says:

Its not important who wins.

As long as simon dies!

FifaHDGamer says:

Is it only me who thinks bodil sounds like klaus out of american dad :/

Gobuddy M says:


Cristopher Guaman says:


nobita pat says:

You could have eaten the budder…

Gamemaster13000 says:

Is deadlox ever gonna change is skin? The Answer: Nope.

The Troll says:

Team Crafted should be called Team Money Whores

BubblegumFlame :D says:

You’re amazing , Bodil ^-^

Deeb almighty says:


brett holbein says:

yea stuff

michael murray says:

When bodil spawned in husky it sounded like sandstorm XD 

Cooper Newbury says:

BODIL U DOOCH play with keep inventory on so u wont lose all ur stuff

nika kvercxishvili says:

what texturpack is this :/

FrankieStein says:

1:35 does anyone notice one of the deadloxs spinning around in the

CreepyStalker0 says:

Bodil how did you have deadlox spawn eggs

Tam Nguyen says:


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