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Hilarious Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Reactions! | FNAF 3 Nights 1 – Night 5

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Hilarious Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Reactions: GET READY TO LAUGH FNAF 3 FANS! More is coming, so don’t forget to subscribe!
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Shady Games says:

This video makes me laugh so hard xD

Callum Jordan says:

I feel as if you will become a great YouTuber and you will easily hit
750,000 subs by the end of the. Year

Highlight777 says:

Y u always knock off your headsets man lol

Derpy loves Muffins says:


Levi Ackerman says:


Dora Ochoa says:

U look like my cousin named enricka

Sarada Uchiha & Niako Uchiha says:

To mangle: getting that bonnie booty?

supermariobros272 says:

Wait… Last part was uploaded at 3rd of March and there’s 3 parts and its
fnaf3? Woah amazing XDDD

Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! says:

Hey KSic please put Springtrap in the next abridged episode eh!

Drisis123 says:

KSic is probably planning to do FNaF Abridged Episode 5 in Five Nights at
Freddy’s 3

Hidden Anamatronic says:

Hey and you probably got the explanation but I’ll do it just in case…

Purple guys is the killer. Possibly the phone guy.

You were playing as a dead child on night five

As in the five murders at freddy fazbears

The children were stuffed into the 4 suits but 1 remained out.

That was who you were playing as.

The children wanted revenge on him and were trying to kill him.

He was scared of the spirits and killed himself

Leaving a BAD ENDING because they didn’t kill him they remain in the suits
that’s why the lights are on in them

PearuArmasJ says:

Im new on ur channel just subscribed So awesome! U should have more subs
than pewdiepie and one more question for u. Will u be my best friend cuz im
so lonely cuz im being bullied at school ;(

KingOfGaming77 says:

PLAY NIGHTMERE MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

Junior KZ says:

Aww….I don’t see the rest of the animated FNAF Abridged eps. :(

Tylerkbc and ioBrens says:

“inhale my dong phantom enragement child!”

Dan_The_Man1312 says:

best moment from ksic “I don’t have to worry about- Hi!”

Chase Sharp says:


Avril Clarke says:

Ksic can u PLEAZE !!!!play eternally us , it’s a short game 🙂 

Piotrek Szymanski says:

When is fnaf 3 going to come out on android or ios 

Delmas Nothstein says:

KSic please make part 2 up to part 4 of FNAF Abridged Animated

Link says:

Hope you get 999999 subscribers Ksic 🙂 

reddragon0525 says:

I love how the ambience dies out for you to say “*Gasp* That’s so cool!” xD

Tanner Cody says:

Are you going to do the other nights like 6 or 7 if there is one?

The champion says:

This was not as funny as the last 2 sry if i offend anyone but thats my

stac otac says:

Hey man it’s me that dude from vine remember? Springtrap?

Ashton Parker says:

*sees KSic made a new video* *screams*

Alexandru Goga says:

Ksic im new and all subscribed weeks ago can you make a video explaining
yourself so i know who am o watching

Creeper Prince says:

Ksic look up the fnaf 3 minigames

Shawn Jimerson says:

When will u start fnaf 3 abriged

Victor Rodriguez says:

+KSic Games *Spoiler Alert if you didn’t complete nightmare mode. If you
brighten up the picture of the newspaper you will see Spring Trap in the
background. He survived the fire XD FNAF4

ChocolateFanMC says:

Probably the best reactions i’ve seen for the game

Nicole Yakowec says:

Try to be more of yourself, you seem to do a lot of things like Pewdiepie
and Markiplier (the noises /and/ the exact words of them…)

Emma Clemence says:

The best part was this:
*Phone guy*: you’ll be starring as a… SECURITY GUARD!!!!!!
I laughed so hard!

grisel Kirk says:

Can I join the community?

Monster The Kid says:

St shaking pgs facial exprexion he looks like he would rip his skin off to
be free

David Bannister says:

To foxy:you and kisic make a great team you should make a show where you
and kisic annoy each other until the death

Crazy ChromeZ says:

Do “Reaction Videos” to videos like “Luigis Day Out”, “Mario 18+ Parody”,
“Minecraft 18+ Parody” and “How To Stuff A Turkey” (It was made by
HowToBasic) also watch “Me!Me!Me!” And “Gary Niga Niga Niga”

Minecraft-Labs says:

Hilarious video KSic !

starfox327 says:

Play nightmare mode

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