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Fun/Fail Compilation – LCS Spring 2015 Week 9

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Casey Dunmore – Digital Crush (MLG Anaheim 2012)


dodgedlol says:
Blood Tatar says:

Lol saint hasn’t changed. Still doesn’t know how smite works.

DiM3N5i0N says:


Liam Mckentie says:

Was that a new Sejuani skin? LCS Sejuani 4:22 

jack pan says:

i swear im not jiking sometimes the monster camps are fucked up…you
litterly q right through them with lee sin q and doesnt hit them…like wtf?

on second thought maybe they need to make a larger hitbox for the crab…

NikoVanAthand says:


MrBeertjeNL says:

“I goooo nomnomnomnom” -Huni 2015


Alucard2091 says:

Europe coaches are the Best 

Aster Hal says:


FL says:

the F bombs are all over the place at EU LCS lol

KenoriPL says:


Stigg says:

Cum cum cum cum cum cum??

TheIngloriousChicken says:

1:58 dodgedlol


The Kappa face killed me xD

Moon Leah says:

NA fun/fails?

Robert Warnink says:

Are u dutch?

Falcon Lover says:

Deer falcon lords

i today selled my boder to bay wifi connection to play “legs of legends”
i play on African server with 5745 ping and i is stuck in challanger 2.
also ubsribe and ddonate also ddont hate.
(sorry for my bad england u hater)


Aaron Sean says:

That gleeb guy is soo awkward lol..

Soulbanana8 says:

The best is how the tibbers stun is completely ignored by UoL

coolerkater1991 says:

0:42 music?

seallord93w114 says:

paid $25k to give piggy backs. the LCS dream

Nikola Tomic says:

Froggen has abysall and is in bush, like really man you are Froggen you
should know this :(

xerials says:

Some lcs nerds need to get a punch in the face.

Woody Dubbie says:

I’m surprised there isn’t a Soraka compilation part. I mean, it was the
main joke of the NA LCS this weekend. The dude in the banana suit was
filmed like between every game.

svenikip says:


Pavel Orel says:

No Gleebs amazing face while he was giving high fives to his fans? I am
disappoint, dodgedlol. 

attack gaming channel says:

Dodgedlol and vvvortic is the same guy? They sound the same!

victor grado says:

+1 more clip of saintvicious smite fail :D

orangecode says:

I don’t miss a thing watching both nightslut’s and dodgedlol’s weekly
compilations 😀 keep up the good work man!

Pingu14589 says:

Aphromo with his hosophobia again. Pathetic,

IImpures says:

I love when winterfox wins, it means Gleeb will do super awkward, funny and
retarded things, every single time

Austin Subak says:

IWD is probably the worst jungler in NA lcs right now…

IronwoodWB says:

Look forward to these every week 🙂 keep up the good work! 

Timmy Nguyen says:

And of course most of the fail plays were from EU :^) 

Dramawind says:

I just realised all your outros are exactly the same, meaning the prev
episode and next episode always have the same videos below them.

3SIXR3 says:

What was that kappa music
Name anyone

Blast3rrProduction says:

Exactly the same video as Nightslut3 one.. but his was way longer..

RRyann says:

One last word: Kappa

Blackzz Kent says:

Like first, watch after :v

floncer says:

This one was weaker – not your fault, of course, you cannot influence what
happens in lcs, I am just sharing my opinion :)

Estevan Burchett says:

The Lee Sin misses is sadly just a very annoying bug with Lee Sin Sonic
Wave and Scuttle Crabs shitbox. See what I did there :3?

Darien Wilson says:

Christ the EU lcs is so painful to watch.

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