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FLYING CARS #1337 (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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GTA 5 Funny moments & GTA 5 Online Games are here! In today’s GTA 5 games we perform GTA 5 Online stunts in GTA 5! If you want to see more of us then make sure to subscribe to everyone!

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• Jelly: http://goo.gl/ahnrvh
• Slogoman: http://goo.gl/VyXbWK

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All these races were recorded on GTA 5 Xbox One. The GTA 5 on Next Gen consols came out, such as the PS4 and Xbox One and therefor we are playing these races.

Intro song:
[Nu Disco] – Televisor – Neon [Monstercat Release]

About Robust:

Don’t forget to subscribe to my amazing friends! We are team ROBUST! We mainly play GTA 5 Funny moments in GTA 5 online, but we’re branching out soon. So we wont only show GTA 5 videos.

Check out Jelly over here: http://www.youtube.com/user/JellyYT Jelly has a main channel called GTA 5 Videos and on this channel he uploads GTA 5 Races and GTA 5 Funny Moments

Check out Slogoman over here:
https://www.youtube.com/user/Slogomanify Slogoman is great at racing! He’s really bad at stunting, but he knows what he’s doing.


Kwebbelkop says:


everyday gamer919 says:


Jelly says:

Kwebbelkop is amazing

Jorge Bello says:

Jelly is gonna give his girlfriend the D


Pimgamming says:

kwebbelkop praat voor één hele aflevering nederlands

Ryan Peterson says:

Jelle is paying her to date him

Boris M says:

What happened to kop city? :(

Fangames37 says:

3:27 Qu’est ce que c’est ? France <3 :D

MeqanichHD says:

Taek video speed at 0.5, kweblkap smoek w33d confirmed?

Kevin Debree says:

Where can i find those races

Tony Wu says:

I’m surprised noticed the title of the video xD

Think about it, 1337

liam spencer says:

Y u still playing on last gen!?

Young _izzyA says:

How you do turbo everytime? I never get it. Even if I try. Ik your skills

Extreme Gamer says:

Jelly didnt finish something else if you know what i mean…

Don Villi says:

what console is better to buy a PS4 or XBOX ONE?

marcel Boef says:

when is the Q&A comming?

Krypton says:

Whats the name of the song at the start of race 2?

Noah Miller says:

Is jelly from america?

Bradley Maior says:

Will u be getting gta v on pc maybe some mod gameplay i would love it

Albert Anzaldua says:

Kwebble can u plz plz give me a shout out im new to YouTube and im a big
fan plz do for q and a monday

iBluGamez - Weekly Roblox! - Road to 10 Subscribers! says:

Wait! 1337? Guest1337 Anyone? No Roblox Players? D:

rupsninjaboy says:

Just me or no Hit a Stunt videos? :/ He has mentioned them in many videos
saying he was gonna do one over there, or here or wherever. Still waiting.

Jort Korten says:

Wil je plz een Nederlandse vidieo maken

Bono Blommers says:

het is zo raar om jou Nederlands te horen praten 😀 

Kevin Debree says:

Waar kan ik zulke races vinden jordi hoe moeet ik zee instaleren

Jonathan Sui says:

I think jelly said he was going to Norway. That’s why he’s not with
kwebblekop and slogoman

Marijn Molenaar says:

I have no ment to hate, but can you upload other video’s then GTA5? Play
COD AW for example. Again, no ment for hating, i love your channel ;)

Zach Taylor says:

Good job on the video Kwebbelkop, keep it up

TheOririanGaming says:

gta 5 is not the only game in the world men!!!!!!!!

James Montague says:

What’s jellys name IRL?

sniperPRO101234(PSN ONLY) says:

Jelly’s girlfriend is really his best friend, he is just using her as a
cover-up!! +Kwebbelkop 

HeRoIcSWAGxx x says:

⋯ ◯ ⋯ ︵ ^v^
¸︵︵( ░░ )︵.︵.︵
(´░░░░░░ ‘) ░░░’ )
`´︶´¯`︶´`︶´︶´` ^v^ ^v^

Vexum VII says:

Can you recird at like half volume. So i can play this at 1 volume on my
note 3 and it not be super loud. Kthx

Fishanator NL says:

Leed !

Yuul Heart says:

Dutch voor de win

els tewes says:

Doe plzz een keer een Nederlandse commentairy ook al doe je Engelse

Senna Paradis says:

Can you nederlands

Brandon Gibbs says:

hey kweb I am new to the channel and ur a cool guy if I can would u accept
my friend request and could I mabey be in 1 of ur livestreams if u do that

russell wilson says:

can u get a better mic like other utuber plesssss

Jonathon Watson says:

I hacked this comment

DaBossGaming xD says:

I’ve noticed this, his last flying car video was 69 xD. now it’s 1337 does
anyone get the joke he’s doing xD?

Moy Jimenez says:

¿Que pasa?

Jaam ! says:

I LOVE 8008135 :’)
And Slogo is good at speaking french !

Dan Tanner says:

im spanish and i understand a lot of english this is spanish (Hola me llamo
Dan Tanner y me gusta kwebbelkop) that means hello my name is Dan Tanner
and i like Kwebbelkop

donny valster says:

i live next to amsterdam
nederland for the win !
your dutch is good btw 

Adrien1112 says:

Noob josh !!

Nunes Bukula says:

Can u be my friend kwebbelkob my gamertag is Nunu rules

Sergio Drenth says:

Jordy wil je een keer Jos en Jelly Nederlands leren

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