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Ferrari Prank

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Ferrari Prank
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Ferrari trade in Prank

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Counteris16 says:

Lol they weren’t even saying like maybe for 9 or less cars, they were like
OK that’s a deal 😀
But yeah why would someone need 10 cars THE SAME 😀 ?

FiRe_FrOst says:

Lamborghini is superior in every way

Mike Tee says:

I’ll trade my 50yrs old wife for two 25yrs old girls………lol

Marcus Rasmussen says:

How is that “funny”?

irontruck says:

What a fucking loser… Probably rented that car but really own a civic

Jake H says:

How has he got that car? How much does it cost?

Andrei Alekseevich says:

ебаные мажоры

GTA5Modz says:

Calm Black people are always nice

Tyler Holloway says:

you rented that ferrari from premier exotic haha i rented from them too.


does anyone know what the outro song is 

mat2hwong says:

This was pretty crap. He was clearly scared of the black guy too

PlinsenprinzTV says:

These golden shoes cost about 180$!

Nathan Warthon says:

I’d rather have that 1 Civic, than your Lambo.

rinke1994 says:

this is not a good prank. 

DueDiamond says:

That kid reminds me of pewdiepie just a tiny bit

100yrsdeath says:

this prank wasn’t even funny :S!! All he did was waste their time

Leandro Melim says:

Justin biber wannabe .”

Timi Tim says:

weak …. 2/10

Vladislav Voronin says:

Делайте русские субтитры , нехера не понятно

Ben SoWhat says:

that just silly

Wexlay Anzversia says:

do u want a baloon?


Omg, you guys are so hilarious, I’ve just falled from my chair while
laughing. “Sarcasm”. STOP MAKING SHIT!!!

karmaman101 says:

Ahh yes, doing a “prank” just to show off the car you rented. Kids these

Knurd Toons says:

All you did was waste their time. Lamest prank ever. 

Don Danbury says:

hahahahaha that is so ……….not funny… I like the ones where the
‘pranker’ has to beg not be beaten up because theyre not clever enough to
judge the reaction from their brainfart

This One says:

They really thought That then where really going to trade in for Honda???

Celil Cayir says:

Haha this fucking crayzzzy

Миха Мельников says:

В чем прикол, по английски плохо понимаю… 

Stan G says:

NICE RIDE. But this is lame.

Sti Guy says:

this prank was so bad it sickens me

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