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FAKE OSCAR PRANK – Pretending to be a Celebrity

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Have you ever imagined what it’d be like to be an Oscar winner? Me too. Welcome to the fake oscar prank. In it, I pretend to be a celebrity and walk around with a fake oscar to see how people treat me. Pretending to be famous has its perks because it turns out people treat you like a real oscar winner. You may have seen fake celebrity pranks and pretending to be famous before, but I think being a fake oscar winner is the craziest prank of these yet!

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Host: Mark David Christenson

* CREW *

Directed by: Ted Marsden, Filup Molina
Creative Producer: Filup Molina
Executive Producers: Nathan Jordan, Rory Haines
Producers: Jenni Powell, Katie LeBlanc

Edited by: Ted Marsden, Filup Molina
Shot by: Trent Barboza, Steve Clark, Harley Roque, Nick Hurley

Special Thanks to:
Worst Friends Comedy – http://youtube.com/worstfriendscomedy
Ricky Klopfenstein

Executive Assistant: Amy Leonard


NewMediaRockstars says:

Wow! Thanks so much for the positive response, so glad you have been
watching & sharing, it means a lot. We hope that no one takes offense from
the video, honestly we think it really shows just how much people are happy
to see others succeed. All the people in this video reacted because they
were overjoyed at someone having their moment in the sun. To us, that’s
beautiful. Thanks again & please keep sharing to spread more positive

QuixoticQuaver says:

Says a lot about America’s shitty culture of celebrity worship.

MrTedMcForehead says:

Did he just drink and drive and put it on youtube? Ummm

Carla rodgers says:

It’s ironic that he was posing for being a part of “the imitation game”. 

gullf1sk says:

Thrown in prison for walking around with a statue and simply telling a lie?

sentinelx1337 says:

That’s it? You got praise from a bunch of oblivious working girls and

Sajjeev X Antony says:

Wonderful prank! Come to think of it, is it not how evangelists, swamis,
prophets and incarnations of God fool us? They dress the part, carry their
holy book, look people in the eye and say confidently, “God spoke to me!
And here is His message for you.” Or even, “I am your God. Believe!”

Gordon Tendick says:

Hard to believe this is real. The car stunt is just asking for a lawsuit!

JD Piche says:

this wont make my job a bigger pain in the ass next year.

Buck Dangle says:

http://www.reddit.com sent me here and oh my fucking god if some candy ass
comdeine motherfucker tried to play this dumbass joke on me i would beat
his ass so hard he fuckin shit blood dude i guarntee this guy does not know
fighting arts like me bitch i post on /r/mma, sincerely, a well respected
reddit poster from /r/videos and mod of /r/mma

Charles Han says:

What’s so incredible about a white guy getting treated well for lying? 

Anand Pillai says:

Leo DiCaprio so salty watching this right now

Adam Neal says:

Have you guys ever arrested an Oscar winner before? Best moment!

Light Yagami says:

Leonardo Dicaprio disliked ,unsubscribed and flagged . 

blacc beard says:

Change the title from Pretending to be a Celebrity to Reality of being
white in America.

Marija Kuzmanić says:

hahaha i’m watching these people, your “fans” on the street, and just can’t
believe that so many of them have fallen for this prank. If I saw you, I
would have at least asked your name, to see if you’re famous or familiar to
me. They’ve seen an Oscar statuette and immediately concluded that you’re
famous lol XD


0:49 you just got AIDS.

Vikas Thakur says:

Guy pretends to have won an Oscar, walks around Hollywood reaping the

TJournal says:

Пранкер сделал себе фейковую статуэтку, выдал себя за голливудскую звезду и
в ночь церемонии «Оскар» бесплатно погулял в баре, покатался на BMW и
пофотографировался с «поклонницами».

Просто король.


Salty Diarrhea says:

Drinking and driving, felony theft… staged or incredibly stupid. Either
way… fucking stupid. 

Berta Lovejoy says:

Do all the males think they can just cheat women like this? You think woman
can’t be a Oscar winner? Well guess what? We can! My good friend Anita
Sarkeesian has won multiple Oscars from his work of equality. You males
think you can treat us fine women as you want. Sick. Absolutely fucking
sick. This male in this video should be castrated and his Oscar should be
given to Anita Sarkeesian.

Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

Jennifer Le Rance says:

Redditist here! As the Oscar-winning lead actress of The Hunger Games and
Silver Linings Playbook, i find it absolutely disgusting that people find
this funny. This is more “comedy” that’s meant to diminish and trivialize
the awards us Thespians do because it’s not seen as a real profession by
flyover state Plebians. As a moderator of /r/videos I am in the process of
banning you from the subreddit and have also contacted Harvey Weinstein for
an airstrike/ DMCA violation.
*tips fedora*

When you mess with a Redditor, you mess with an elite intellectual.

-Jennifer Lerawnce, celebrity, movie star, professional memer, moderator of
/r/movies, /r/circlebroke and /r/videos, GILDED Redditian. *tip tip tip tip

rugalck says:

Ok I was smiling the whole video like “ok this is a good one, nice prank”,
but when that girl on the VIP said “GREAT JOB, I WATCHED YOUR MOVIE”…
that genuinely broke me. MY GOD how can these people lie so much about
stuff when they’re next to someone with an Oscar lol

Props to you sir, this was a good one.

Pan says:

Smack someone over the head with that thing and watch them turn to gold.

gwgn02 says:

So you stole from small shop stores after lying about winning an award you
never earned. Its not a prank, its theft. 

TheAldairFTW says:

freaking dump americans i am not impressed

Santiago Lorente Rey says:


Liashev Rkt says:

One day my comment in youtube got so many “like”. So, i think i should get
an “oscar for best comment” right now!!!!

Chris Alexander says:

This is very terrible, and the people that did things like give someone’s
car to you should probably be fired.

deggis4 says:

…the people lying, “saw your movie”, “saw your speech”, that kind of
friendliness/politeness is just pathetic.

Kniv3s says:

Alguien sabe donde puedo encotrar este video en español? Gracias.

William Weaver says:

You’re lucky it wasn’t my car. I’d have shot you.

Philster Guerrero says:

I work in valet for a living and I wouldn’t give a fuck if you were Barack
Obama you ain’t getting shit without your ticket but that’s Hollywood for
you anybody looking for a nice car watch this videos 

Stephen Chewning says:

awesome bro! bet that was a rad night.

Nonsense says:

Come talking I’m bored

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