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Facebook Song – Rhett & Link

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EnchantedTheWolf says:

I was about 4 or 5 when this was made…

Uncharted999 says:

Holy Shit you were ugly 2 years ago!

LexiRocks124 says:

Who else is watching this in 2014?

Anej Anej says:

Do people still use MacBooks? Man, when will people realise how usless they

Adonis Ceballos says:

like if you’re watching in the year 2034

Briana Popejoy says:

I was 3 when they made this geez theyre channel is old

CaptainBudderChunk says:

Why is this bad quality?

ThegamergirlisBACK says:

Omg this is so back in the day :’) 

PoopGod says:

They look so retard lol xD No offense but… ahhahaahahha

falconcaliform61 says:

1:52 links rape face

ViolinSnivy says:

Sing with me (comment chain)
I wouldn’t call myself, a social butterfly.

TeamProSkill says:

Please tell me that Rhett made him self look like this for the video… Oo

minercraft266 says:

like if your watching in 2014

Redstoned Redstonecreations says:

i was 5 when this came out xD

Kickass 3 says:

I was 6 when this was made lol

Breadwinners Fan says:


Jackie Osaa says:

Slow clap… Just a slow clap

Jan Bierens says:

Facebook Song – Rhett & Link:
Could not pass this by…

Brony & Pegasister D&M says:

Wow is that rhett!?

a al says:

wow. u guys were so different in 2007. ur faces completely changed now that
its 2014

Wtfdidijustwatch?! says:

i remember watching this when i was in 6th grade

KingBongHogger says:

wow, they dont even look like the same people, but they aged very well. And
only watching good mythical morning i had no idea they could sing this well
either lol

PressFartToContinue says:

Like if you’re from the future

RedcapCreations says:

Damn I was 8 back then… and is that what Rhett actually looked like :O

. says:

this is the song that started a facebook revolution

SmileKittens 13 says:

Thumbs up if your watching 2014

Jordyn Keeys says:

I was 4 when they made this! 


i was 2

Kaitlyn Jaress says:

WOW!!!!! What happened to Rheet’s hair and beard!!! I’m scared O,O

Amory A says:

This was made when i was 8 hahah now im 15

Saoirse Honey says:

Wow 2007 !

The Tazmanian Devil says:

I guess this means FaceBook is cool now.

ASK PIE says:

This is so old u need a cd to listen to this

disabilitys united in the uk says:

this Video is shit if you want to sing about Facebook do it better next
time as this on is well shit

Rianne C says:

I feel old now and I’m only 14.

Melanie moonbridge says:

Lol my sister was not even born when this was made xD

Kevin Ekeland says:

i dont like where ever i go at my shcool i see everyone uses a phone

sylvr says:

wait, is that a joke ? rhetts last name is small ? that kind of ironic
considering how tall he is….

MissKittyPawysFTW says:

Link looks fine…… but rhett looks ugly back then XD

FelineDragons says:

I can’t believe that’s Rhett and Link!!!

Ryan Powell says:

Im totally amazed Mr Timn is on here!!! ahaha

Fraser Tucker says:

i was born january 1

gabe buckingham says:

Shared Via FaceBook ™

Luuk Tijssen says:

Lol Rhett

Heath Dodson says:

That beard… 

Painless1992 says:

This was pretty hilarious.

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