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Epic or Fail: Jet Ski Edition

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Ellen played her new favorite game with her audience… was it epic or did they fail? Find out the results of these viral videos!


tiffany daisyblossom says:


MisterPaperGamer says:

i just got left from my girlfriend -.-

bazzingaification says:

3:28 The lady in the black and white striped t shirt on the left hand side
is not to pleased about getting a free copy of Ellen’s holiday album hahaha

alaurah pinder says:

Its not fair that the album is only available at target. i live in london
england :(

WackyTurtle says:

the last one was epic if you ask me. roof got cleared and nobody got hurt

pewpewpew says:

The last one is from my country :p

katrina kelly says:

you are all wrong but you all win anyways!!! lol

Mati Gomez says:

Please sub to me I’m new!

mkj judaibi says:

warning this is really gross
*at the toilet pooping* LET IT GO LET IT GO I CANT HOLD IT ANYMORE (MY
SISTER JUST ENTERED THE ROOM)turn away and slam the door(the door is to
far..) i dont care what they are going to say (or see or smell) let the
storm rage on (poop storm) the cold never bothered anyways its funny how
some distance make makes everything seem small (true that) and the fears
that once controlled me cant get to me at all (unless you count that
time…oh just never mind) its time to see what i can do to test the limits
and break through (dropped a huge dump,OUCH my butt really hurts)no
right,no wrong,no rules for me(thats why i pooped on the sidewalk
yesterday) am free(and my poop is free too) let it go let it go i am one
with the wind and sky(my poop said that) you’ll never see me cry(unless i
poop again)here i stand and here i stay let the storm rage on (again a poop
storm)my power flurries through the air into the ground(just fyi my power
is pooping)my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around(my soul is
made of poop)and one thought crystallizes like an icy blast (thats really
gross) am never going back.the past is in the past let it go let it go and
ill rise like the break of dawn (said my poop) let it go let it go that
perfect girl is gone(switched her with my poop) here i stand in the light
of day let the storm rage on(i love my power)

Jordy Shore says:

*Wow she’s slowly transitioning in front of our eyes..next year she’ll come
back with a beard and a deep voice!*

houchi69 says:

Why isn’t there an “Epic Fail”? :P

Annemarie O'Connor says:

First comment yassssss

Habba Babba says:

Mee Too (:

Kaiuchka says:

Saying “epic” and “fail” was cool like 5 years ago.
Ellen always catches up to internet culture late.

Ozzie Mendez says:

Your so nice Ellen 

Mad9977 says:

the roof avalanche was EPIC, all the work done at once =D

Sara Gallagher says:

Ellen plz look at Toby Randall he is super talented u need to take a look

h8tingit says:

it should be epic fail or epic win, not epic or fail. epic is the adjective
not the noun.

Zoë Harmar says:

Oh come on the last one was epic! And also, the dad on the swing didn’t
fail as bad as I thought he was going to. I thought he’d crash back into
the tree or something.

kurt pullen says:

Ask Sean Kingston

Shawn Garson says:

IKR!?, I already have to start work on my Christmas Extravaganza already,
Haven’t even made any regular uploads…

laila1989ism says:

The moment when you see that a man can do flips with a jet ski while you
couldn’t even do it in fifth grade with soft grounds and a helmet. He

Renameme says:

The last video is from my home country of slovenia! In the video the guy
says, watch out so you don’t fall over on the other side.

pepsipmp94 says:

omg 2nd comment, I LOVE U ELLEN!!!!!!!!

Andra Beqiri says:

Another great video! Ellen!

Rachael Skipper says:

Love my Ellen ♡♡♡ 

iLiam says:


Valentina Scampini says:

Who mom’s birthday is on November 17 ?

zcheeseolly says:

It seems weird hearing people still talking about CDs… I felt like I was
watching an episode from 2004.

jurega says:

The last one was from Slovenia 🙂 https://www.facebook.com/adventureslovenia

PokéFan AJ says:

This video was posted on my birthday!!!

Duc Ha says:

#theellenshow #epic #fail #epicfail 

healingduck says:

One of my new favorite segments :)

Elizabeth Gillan says:

Holiday CD? Holiday shopping? I don’t know anyone that doesn’t say
Christmas shopping.

Emily S says:

#58thview lol

Diana Matus says:

I love the epic-fail segments

16973774 says:

lol the part where the boat got flipped several times should be an epic win

Vicky Adri says:

Ellen!!! Please follow me on twitter @h_jenny27

Zahra Ellis says:


Tyrone Jordan says:

You should have hoodie allen

Liz Loriz says:

Damn it looks like Christmas with all those red and green paddles lmao 

Lyah-lee Dezardouin says:

Love you eEllen❤

Joshua Luke says:


Peppy Dimitrov says:

Ellen!Get johnny depp to the show!!! He had a rough time and a lot of
people would like to see how is he doing!

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