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We wanted to give back to our viewers, so we organized a Winter Wonderland event in New York City and invited our fans to join us for a meet and greet. Weeks ago, we asked them in one of our vlog videos what they wanted for the holidays and we found out what were the most desired gifts by reading their answers in the comment section. Prior to the event, we bought those epic gifts knowing it was on their gift lists this holiday season. But… we couldn’t just give them away without pulling a prank first!! Some of the gifts were wrapped up inside of random items we found in the grocery store that are definitely not gift-able items. Other gifts, like the gaming consoles, were wrapped up in an original empty box that was filled with a gag.

During the meet and greet, we had Santa’s helper go through the line to interview people and also find out what each of them wanted most for the holidays. We found out who was most excited to receive the actual items that we had. Then we surprised them all with a confusing loud emergency siren, which quickly turned into a confetti celebration, and them receiving a gift! It was epic! And so were the gifts!

We also collected donations from the Toys-for-Tots organization, and we are proud to announce that this was the most donations that were received from one single event! Thank you Dope Fresh Nation! There will now be a bunch of happy children able to open gifts this holiday! You guys are awesome and it was great meeting and spending time with you!!

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PrankvsPrank says:


Aisha Trottie says:

why did he make that face at the end like ” oh ew you got me a penny board
ok then…… ill take it anyways even though i wont use this shit ever
because i cant skate” yes thats what i got from that face it pissed me off.

austincoolduh says:

Those two little brats at the end I mean I would love I mean love too have
skate boards the little brats

Gaming2TheMax says:

The last 2 kids can go get ebola

thatkidbehindyou1 says:

Fuck those two British looking fucks at the end… should have smash the
board across their face

Yoda N Max says:

4:00 obviously spoilt pricks, getting a Penny Board for free and doing such
a discusting face, some people out there dont even have anyone for
Christmas let alone anything, you shouldve snatched it straight out of his

Andy T says:

Everyone bitching about the two kids at the end who apparently didn’t say
thank you.

When there’s a clear jump in the footage where a part has been edited out.

Fahed Al-Saiedi says:

Jeana litteraly said Happy Birthday 4:33

Daniel Pumarino Andrade says:

people crying over getting a ps4 or and iPad is just sad.

Angelina nieves says:

I live in New York but I couldn’t come cause you didn’t invite me I signed
up too ;(

kookoo bird says:

I got nothing for Christmas ;(

jake vella says:

I HATE CHRISTMAS : my parents dont buy me anything niether on my bday or

Ivo Ploeger says:

why the fuck would you dislike?

KanzenSaimin says:

Just wondering its been a while since ive seen one of their videos….are
they married yet or not?

bubblegum Vids says:

I wish i could get a macbook pro laptop but my dad says its too expensive

MSPElysiaxx says:

I wish Jessie whacked thoes kids at the end round the head with that penny

soy lalo says:

i want that go pro if i got prank like that for you im gonna me happy
hahaha i doesnt matter if is a real one or not i would be honor to be part
of a prank of you!!! thanks for this kind a videos thanks jesse and jeana i
love you guys happy new year

shazaibbiazahs says:

holy shit they bought all that stuff with their own money for random
people. Respect

Tommy Fx says:

You 2 are the best. I know you 2 hear it all the time. But you, Jess &
Jeana touch so many hearts on doing what you guys do. I hope you 2 have a
great Holiday & Happy New Year. Peace from a good fan Tommy.

Tori Bza says:

Wat camera do they use

MasterCraft says:

im sad i dint got a present from santa D: 

Sri Laksmi says:

For Christmas I got the same camera that jeana and Jesse have

DespritCookie ! says:

Im wondering how much money they spent to get all those…

GameObbsessed says:

Can you please continue the prank war

StreetSoldier says:

man jesse and jeans are so cool

Sara Brewer says:

i love the video it made me cry. merry Christmas guys!!!

Aqua Gameplays says:

The kids at the end were little brats. Even thought I can’t skate, I would
be grateful i got something. The thought they put into even doing this is
the point. 

KaBao Xiong says:

U GUY are soooooooooooooooooo niced

Tyler Van Arden says:

@AishaTrottie. Im freaking dying at ur commet

HuliganGaming says:

That was awesome of you guys!!

Pat Czuba says:

Thanks for the present your the best

Classic says:

طيب ابي مقالب جواتها هديه زي كذاا :(

Carly Heijmans says:

Damm those guys in the end! Disgusting, they dont even look happy tho

Aj Cardone says:

To whoever hates on them constantly in their comment sections… Screw off
because these people do so much more for their fans than a lot of youtubers
do. Jesse & Jeana are amazing people

Latoya HANKINS says:

There so lucky I got nothing for chrismas

Baddie Bee says:

The last two were some savages

Erica Cruz says:

The 2 BOYS at the end at least should have been grateful that they got
presents and not a penny board that were actually a board with pennies like
who wouldn’t want a gift by Jesse and jeana like cmon don’t be selfish and
make that face that you didn’t like it just at least don’t make that face

I don’t like kids who act like that NOT HATING it’s just my opinion 

YlletGamer Danish says:

I could not be there…;( becuse i live in Denmark;(

Marty101redhood says:

Dear pvp or bfvsgf

Due to are money problems in are house we werent able to get that many
presents and its probably because there are 6 children and 2 parents living
in a apartment but seeing you guys have a happy christmas is what makes my
day so plz keep up the good work on making vids and i hope you got what you

M1ndBl0w1ngM4g1c says:

Wish i lived in america…

App & Game Reviewer says:


Julie Vargas says:

Awe you guys are so sweet. Im kind of jelly right now. but Merry Christmas
to you guys.
#PrankVsPrank #PowerCouple 

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