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Ebay Parody Song – Weird Al Yankovic

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The eBay Song. Originated from Backstreet Boys’ I Want It That Way. A cool parody song about eBay and it’s usage in our lives. Thanks!


SirRobertoGaming says:


Gerhard Torges says:

So true. ;-)

Adam K says:

In honor of the +eBay breach…

ProjectCJW says:

Fucking nostalgia overload.

Christopher Kelley says:

Why did I suddenly come back to this?

Sarah Smith says:

Brings me back to my childhood. 

Jon Afun says:

Backstreet boys fans will recognise this, Lol.

CakeAnnihilator says:

Norway mentioned. Swell with pride

ObscureGames says:

I’m listening to this while I look around on ebay for something to buy XD

Tangle says:

Chach keys? Church keys? what?

PendulumFTW says:

Ah, back before ebay changed their logo

EpicNightBlade says:

Does anybody have the lyrics?

Caitlin Gyrhan says:

It sounds like Timmy off of South Park. XD

Sleepy Squid says:

Lets face it. everyone in the word has heard this song! 

Maree Taylor says:

I dont ever see anything weird on Ebay and yes i look lmao. It’s all
iphones and Japanese clothing

MrAlittle5150 says:

eBay is a rip off. between eBay and PayPal you are paying about 15% or more
when you sell on eBay. Watch out they are sneaky.

OrionX2 says:

A. Ebay, you should have picked up this song for marketing, would have been

B. Still never heard I want it my way. 

Kristina Paul says:

My dad thinks this guy is a genuis at writing songs. like who could write a
song about ebay this good?

Andrey Kvasha says:

2:50 “A Kleenex used by Docturrr Dreiyyye”

Rusty Shackleford says:

i play this when i shop on ebay lol

Blondie19980 says:

Was obsessed with this song when I was 7 now I am 15 and I still love it 

Anthony Lafferty says:

Remember the first time I heard this. Uncle let me listen to it and thought
he was a crank. Love Weird Al now :P

Markhuntonio says:

Ebay is getting rid of the regular small private seller,i noticed,the day i
no longer see the average Joe selling those old used things that are
hanging around the house,garage or attic that are very specific and
rare,those kinds of things that you couldnt find it anywhere else or any
other way, i’ll stop using ebay.Common stuff i have plenty in my
town/country,i dont need ebay.

citylims says:

been a fan of weird al since i was 5 years old in 1990. Can’t wait for his
new album coming out July 15th

D.J. Harris says:

I bet you the bubble wrap in this video is featured in “White and Nerdy”.

guytheguy18 says:


Adrienne Padgett says:

Am I the only one but I just couldn’t help but just to sing along
So many memories this song brings back :’D

Lesya Novaselskaya says:

Al is di-vine!

pezscape says:

I buy pez on ebay all the time, actually even have an ebay snipe video on
my channel :D

SoniaSephia says:

Anyone else here because they can sadly relate to this song?

(Sets up Craigslist account to resell unnecessary things bought on ebay.)
*True story*

Marc Shakter says:

Omg my mom had the smurf tray when I was a kid….. must…. check…..

Katie Radnedge says:

love this song

WolfTheGamer says:

ebay sucks..Amzon is better then ebay

Johann Blake says:

*Weird Al – Word Crimes*

Once again, Weird Al produces another comical video, only this time the
lyrics and graphics are so fast that you have to watch it a second time to
see what you’ve missed.:


But his eBay song will always be my favorite.

R O'Hagan says:

Ahh…before Amazon.

D Palmerama says:

THanks to Al this melody always reminds me of “Which Backstreet Boy is
Gay?”. Though this is also fantastic!

Kris Wiggans says:

Fucking Genius. Cant stop laughing.

Mooshimity says:

Did he make this for me?

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