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Eating Peoples Food Prank!

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(1) Follow both Moe & ET on Instagram and Twitter
(2) Moe and ET must reach 50,000 followers on both Instagram and Twitter
(3) Leave a comment on Moe or Et’s Instagram saying why you should win

1st Place: We will fly out any fan from around the world to come and prank with us for one whole week. We will be renting out a place to stay somewhere in the city, so it should be lots of fun!!

2nd Place: Receive two Sony HD Camcorders. One of them will be the Sony NX70!

3rd Place: Win two versace belts and a limited edition OckTV T-Shirt!!

Deadline date will be exactly one month from now which is 11/9/2014. We will announce three winners for this Giveaway. We will double check too see if you guys followed us on both our Instagrams and Twitters, and we will also read your comments on why you should win!

Good Luck Everyone! WE LOVE YOU ALL and we cant wait to announce the three winners.

Credits to Mo Mo for beat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwTxzWXPLx4
Credits to FreeSoundsMusic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCdt5lqqIng


OckTV says:

Give away starts today and ends 11/9/2014, We must reach 50,000 followers
on both Instagram and Twitter! Cant wait to reveal the WINNERS! Especially

FunkPlaysHD says:

There’s a difference between pranking and stealing

A Sajid says:

wtf? I thought you were muslims. what you doing eating hotdogs?

Jocelyn Perez says:

Where’s the prank??? This rude guy is just eating other people’s food!
Don’t get it??

OLegendStudios says:

LOL Great prank. Did anyone else worry about germs the whole time like I
did? lol BTW I’d be instantly suspicious if any stranger sat that close to

FuturisticHub says:

Guys help me out here. I seem to have missed the prank?

BarryBeeTV says:

What happened bro I thought you guys were Muslim, you just ate a Hot Dog

UnknownChronicle says:

Waits till they catch Ebola … Just wait.. 

superbad333 says:

this is not a prank, it’s straight up being a cunt. 

Chase Stacks says:

Cant be doin that with ebola floatin around

Anal Serenity says:

I long for the day when OckTV upload a video explaining their deaths.

TRL Limitless says:

This channel isn’t a prank channel at all. I never really see anything they
do as Pranks, but instead being complete twats. 

W Mik says:

Imagine if you was hungry af eating somewhere just having 30 minutes to go
back to work. Then someone is taking it away from u like its ok. Their
excuse: its a prank *handclap* *goes away*
You really better give them the money back..

pranks says:

I’m sad you guys didn’t get knocked out on this one :/

YourGlitcher / FaZe Your says:

ok im at 2:44 and i already know something bad is gonna happen

Vegeta says:

Lol, he would get kis teeth knocked out in the UK

Denniskuhh says:

how is this even a prank? it would’ve been oké if you gave them like
10bucks or something but now you’re just stealing their food?! WTF


Ehh yea they eat their food, as a prank .. Ok… But atleast fucking buy
they new food or something wtf ? -_-

Voltz league says:

Hey I have a new prank for you guys! Go around and punch babies in the
face.. The parents will be mad at first but after you tell them its a prank
they will laugh! HAHAHA.


swaggercr7 says:

Those “Versace Belts” are used (you wore them in almost every-video)… and
the camera is used and you will never get to 50k followers on Instagram,
your on 2,000 … i don’t think 48,000 people will follow you people ….
So the last part of the video was useless….. just show us more videos of
you getting beat up … its more entertaining

Kelvin Phan says:

I hate how these yankee ppl talk

Marcus Björn Rydström says:

How is this a prank? You are actually eating their food, that’s like me
hitting people in the head and saying it’s a prank.

Josh Wheeler says:

would of Osama bin laden gotten away with his terrorism if he told George
bush “no wait wait, your in a hidden camera show”

Chickentothe DIP says:

nice forehead 

Ali Baba says:

look at 3:33-3:40 is the thumb click at the end part of the handshake?

EpicCute says:

What if you win first place and live in ny already.. 

Jaylove818 says:

Finally theybdon’t get their ass whooooppped lmao

WibK says:

What’s the song at the end aha

Drake Danos says:

not a prank. not funny. if you wouldve bought them another meal or give
them money then it would be a prank

Rabbi Hussain says:

what the fuck is ock tv’s problem? theyre making awkward pranks all the
time…awkwardness is ok sometimes but too much awkwardness is really
disgusting like their videos & they made me to unsubscribe…people want to
see something funny & interesting not awkwardness!!!

Lost Under the Sky says:

How the hell is this a prank? Man these guy’s prank sucks. I know, why am I
watching it? Because I want to give this guy a second chance when I
unsubscribed a few months back. But he is the same rude person who invades
peoples space and time and says the same thing over and over again by
saying dude it’s a prank Man

llamaman says:

So if I slap one in the face and then say”its just a prank bro” ,everything
will be good

Michael Jordan says:

i would never eat another mans hot dog 


Sorry but at the end you said we could prank with you? WHO IN THE FUCK

Tj toonz says:

Fuck u guys this isnt right

pureheart_89 says:

This is only some shit id let fly from a well known tv station like vh1,
mtv, other than that id beat that ass.

TurbanatorGamer says:

Did they even offer to pay for the food? Like the dude with the water or
the hotdog by offering them to buy them another? If they didn’t that’s
hella douchy. I mean I’d laugh too if I was getting pranked but then I’d
say aight mawfucka go buy me another hot dog lmao

samprice419 says:

That ending song literally almost makes me cry because it reminds me of
fast and furious and Paul walker…..(huge car fan)

OckTV says:
MrTedMcForehead says:

I literally wouldn’t hang out with any of these guys, ever.

Genesis Martinez says:

I guess I missed my chance of meeting @OckTV because I just seen this vid
lol :/ 

Jean Miranda says:

First your eat there food second you’re basically stealing there money and
third of all you’re giving them ebola

Narhang Ingnam says:

Lol these guys on a suicide mission 

Kevin M says:

Those people were mad soft i would of destroyed those guys.

Anthony Mateos says:

This is not a prank. It’s just fucked up

Ashley McLean says:

The spanish guy was pussy lmfao

0xirix . says:

This is not a prank when you take someone’s food an eat it. What next? Are
you going to rape a girl, and at the end say, “Nah, just kidding ma’am,
this isn’t really a rape, this is just a prank, see the camera over there?”

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