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Dress Colour Prank

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@GomesAHTV and NathanAHTV debate in public which colour the viral is dress? enter @Jessica_jensenx
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StillUp2Date says:

Hi, have you seen the Harlem Shake videos?

– Internet Explorer User

Craig Sturman says:

This stupid bitch screaming stfu

Bombinox says:

No one is talking, just recording with the phone…. I love this generation

Arran sahdra says:

That fucking woman needs to stop

mazaisvilijs says:

WHY U NO BREAKWAWY BOTTLE. i was waiting whole video time for breakaway
bottle :/

Arab King says:

Where is my son prince Al-yasseen? :/

ricolinuxtutorial says:

this is sh*t

like religion itself

11ashrafm1 says:

If she dnt shut up shes gonna be black nd blue

letzsee9 says:

Studies have found that people with IQ over 110 tend to perceive the dress
as black and blue. This could explain why the majority of people see it as
white and gold because most people have below average IQ,

PrankHubTV says:

You keep the Blue/Black Dress I will take the White/Blonde!

yusufandyasser says:

if you did this in america you’d be called racist for calling the dress

John M says:

Ahmed from Saudi Arabia just showed his mother this video.

“look mummy, westerners have no morals”.


why do you make these shitty vids man lool these arent pranks, these arent
trolls, this is just being retarded for no reason, im actually concerned
about who you take your video ideas from

xAcceptiion says:


John Heitinga says:

Could you do one where @Jessica_jensenx is in her underwear and has her own
stand where she’s charging people £5 to queue up and motorboat her!! And
have about 10 of the boys in a queue and then when it’s Jarvo’s turn to
motorboat her, he does it over the top and for too long!! And Gomez comes
over saying “That’s my girl fam” and bottles him!! Nathan could act as
security/bouncer for Jess and steps in and gets bottled aswell!! Would also
be funny to see which mugs from the public queue up for a motorboat!! Ya
get me fam????

Zack Briggs says:

But if this happened in America….

Eloise CP says:

this is disgusting

k den says:

Dave crowe in the background going ham wit the beatbox

Yaya Toure says:

Shittest video ever. Where was the comedy?
You guys should do Youtube comments. 

Polymath says:

This was hilarious. The guts to perform such a random act is something

And that girl was a trooper to stand in the middle of a crowd in her bra
and knickers. Props.

TheOsamaBinLiner says:

How do you come up with such hilarious pranks lmaooo

UnicornPvssySlender 69 says:


Analytical Justice says:

Honestly whoever sells these dresses is a genius next level marketing.

TechBlissTV says:

This is disgusting man nutidity I came here for pranks not for sexual

FunForAllTheFamily10 says:

This is not offensive enough. Up the offense, someone has to attack you
sooner or later – surely there is someone left with some guts. Has all of
London really become this thick or, are they just deliberately picking the
most retarded areas and ball-less areas? 

Trollstation says:
MrOJproductions says:

Trollstation, I’m not gunna critisize it but watch it back and you can
understand why people are hating.


What a cheap skank screaming white n gold with her croaky council estate
voice, at least have the decency to match your bra and panties, I was
cringing watching her, damn!!!!!

Gassed Santos says:

“That’s not nice!” had me fucking crying!

Uchiha Avenger says:

You can tell this is her first time in a public video. Bitch is screaming
loud af.

Skadoosh says:

look at this woman smh what a dum hoe. i bet her parents are proud for
raising a whore. look at yourself, hundreds of people looking at u
recording u. but hey only god can judge me and yolo and shit right

B5D says:

Your pranks are just like Arabs “Pranks” , all depend on screaming and
violence with little bit of sexualization ..

Rob Smith says:

Hahaha man will u sell me some crack ?

FunForAllTheFamily10 says:

Where was this filmed, Nigeria? This will become the standard norm of
future London: Scores of gormless foreign idiots standing around some
incident holding up their Ipodpadpoop crap made legal to sell by some rich
clown in the States via queers in Finland or vice versa, like a bunch of
flies attracted to poop. Fakken emberressin. 

Ora Oztiks says:

Who is this random stripper you got to do this video with and can you
please never let that try hard do another video.

karol ochal says:

fuck the dress colour it looks ugly anyways

reem nasser says:

what did i just watch o o

Abdullah Faraz says:

can i tell you something don’t even listen to the people who say your
pranks are bad there amazing :)

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