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Dope Zebra – Rhett & Link (Official Original Video)

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This zebra is dope. Extended song on iTunes: http://dft.ba/zebra ** Official T-SHIRT: http://dft.ba/zebratee

Thanks to Chuck Testa! Here’s his local commercial that we wrote & directed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJP1DphOWPs

After this video’s initial success, our Dope Zebra was featured in LMFAO’s Sorry For Party Rockin’ music video and in their American Idol live performance on 4/19/12 and Billboard Music Awards on 5/20/12. You might have also spotted him on America’s Got Talent (AGT).

Play Dope Zebra on Smule’s FREE iphone/ipad app, Magic Piano: http://bit.ly/Magic-Piano-App

Directed & Edited: Rhett and Link
Music: Rhett and Link
Costume design: The guys at http://www.smallhd.com
(Thanks Barrett, Dale, Wes and the gang!)
Choreography: Rhett and Link, Flitz Ricketts and Steve Smith
PA: Jason Inman, Matt Raub
Dancers: Flitz Ricketts and Steve Smith – http://www.youtube.com/shotglassfilms
Acrobatic Stunt-type Stuff: Rick and Stacey Marcus

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Time/Space says:

Sorry for party rocking anyone?

Alexis Clites says:

My science teacher showed this to my class and ??

peteyson123 says:

I saw this when it came out and I had no idea it was rhett and link

Jack Dog says:

Is it bad that I played the smule version before watching this?

Jerrica Hanson says:

rhett and link, i love you. this has made my life.

John Manard says:

I am on the weird part of the internet again

hANNAHROSE Walters says:

this is AMAZING 

ryleigh sandoval says:

something fell at 0:35


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Minecraft lol nick KOLKILLPL says:

Dope Zebra – Rhett & Link (Official Original Video):

TNT crafting Mods says:

Why? How? Potato?

Frost Lion says:

oh hey there is a bird in the orange tree who notice that

twocrazysisters101 says:


Chris Ramírez says:

Let’s Dance!!!!! : D

DopeZebra says:

i named my self after this because this is so dope.

bart severein says:

what is this its…. its fantastic!

|HungryMunchkinHD|Gameplay,Hacks says:

If you noticed that guy on the BBQ Like this comment.

MsThingstodo says:

i wont you to do a song a baut candy

Zoobia Asif says:

This is the best thing ever. It made me want to get up and dance!!

Draygone RPGMmag says:

1,293 people didn’t watch all the way to Chuck Testa.

EccentricM says:

I have seen this as a GIF many times in the past and found it funny, and
only now have I found out, it was Rhett and Link this whole time!? Wasn’t
even aware of this channel till today, just GMM. xD

heyoitsizzy says:

I’s so awesome how Rhett and Link were the original ones to be in the Dope

TheDutch Games says:

Its more like DERP ZEBRA xD

Dakota Diamond says:

why is elvis on the bbq?

Qman 743 says:


Gabe Custodio says:

Did anyone see the parrot in the right-hand corner on the top flapping its

Anya Elise says:

So dope.

ashlie plasko says:

omg an old man is dancing

Sibel Smith says:

Wow thats amazing and that would be hard cause their is a human in side it
great job!

KidView says:

Anyone dealing with a depressing event: Watch this video.

Win Ner says:

WHAT is this Chuck Testa joke??? I don’t understand!!

jen esma says:

that looks like that zebra from madagascar xddd

crystalbaby0216 says:

I want to know this song

A.K.A Raven says:

This takes a lot of skill

Sharon Santillan says:

That swag though #DopeZebra

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