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Dog Attacked Me Prank!

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LeeshaBabii says:

He got me back! https://youtu.be/sDVVijTWrd0

Talras Jones says:

You should be a actress

alex Aguilar says:

the dog is like the fuck. i dirent do shit the fuck

Renee Daley says:

nice video!

Jade Stepp says:

Poor dog lol

UnicornDoesAlot says:

Kwesi just asks the dog like the dog can talk

Brylee Tillery says:

I feel so so bad for the puppy.??

Isabelle Baker says:

I feel bad for the DOG

Deejay'sMommy says:

he was ready to square up with that dog lol…

_Daisy Humphreys_ says:

He talked to the dog like saying " man would you really do that, ahhh man"

Berry Bookish says:

Her prank videos just make my day!!

Shaejauni Daniel says:

I felt bad for the dog because he was innocent

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