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Could vaporwave be the future of music?

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It’s hard to describe vaporwave without sounding like you’re kidding.

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Cooper Stone says:

this could be possible

Man from Nantucket says:

Y'all are reaching, it's meaningless

Qoreader says:

So, i created a vaporwave tracks based on the principles of this video.

[] Jem says:

yes….itll probably be trap

Evil Gary says:

V a p o r w a v e

VolkColopatrion says:


Jake Stockton says:


Yeah Way says:

Vaporwave still going strong baby. We've made it

splastic says:

1: vaporwave is not ''tumblr borne'' those cucks have nothing to do with it
2: vaporwave is not ''anti capitalist'' i dont know where tf you came up with that
3: if you think vaporwave is stupid you havent heard the aids radio music they come up with
4:this entire video is so inaccurate im not even gonna bother with the rest of it

AtLes says:

wave ain't for commies

Erie Blvd says:

Finding good vaporwave can be difficult. Vaporwave is for cool people with an open mind for music

Liam Hogue says:

Vaporwave may not be the futre of music, but it most definitely is the future of A E S T H E T I C.

Be More says:

sheriff mario rpg someone look this up <=====

Felicity G says:

Don't forget Simpson wave

pray4matt says:


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