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Clueless Stoner Kid Gives Hilarious Interview on Live TV

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JaySTEEZ says:

only ignorant douchebags think someone stupid is a stoner…
dont even know our brains have cannabanoids specficially for Cannabis use,
and THC stimulates the growth of new brain cells and enhances….

Victor Villari says:

He’s not stoned… Looks like he’s on zanax or some kind of painkiller.. 

LowerTheBoom1 says:

I don’t think peopel should take pot!

Brandon LeMaster says:

That dude was out of his freaking mind. lol

JML510 says:

That interview was so painful to watch that I’m even more discouraged from
doing pot now.

horizon says:

i can relate to this kid, i smoked pot for some time. i can relate to the
part where people are waiting for a reaction from you but your just
standing there waiting for them to stop waiting.

AwesomePossumGaming says:

Lol that bear was pretty fucked up

R3CK3Digau says:

No in cares about your sexuality faggot

Jebediah Kerman says:

“young friendly cub who can’t wait to interact with the kids” said every
rapist on the internet ever

Stevo Robb says:

Welcome to our future leaders.

Anthony Randall says:

You’re reaction is….”Wow man…like killing people is heavy”. LMFAO!!!!!

Daequil says:

That kid is flying high as a kite.

codiablee says:

This is why people should smoke weed, you dont wanna kill people, shit if
anything you would just think its too much work XD! weed = peace =
happieness = longevity = star trek society.

Brandon Emmanuel Figueroa Garcia says:

0:53 i guess that guy just did some drugs

jeff darnell says:

The stoner kid reminded me of Charles Barkley for some reason.

Crazy4Tediz says:

LOL friendly cub 0:14

The OriginEls says:

i think that “stoner” has to much toxicity in his brain to think fully 

akirasendoh02 says:

marihuana kills your brain man and makes you stupid i will never try that
shit i dnt wanaa end like that stupid kid

mason foster says:

0:26 cant stop laughing 

Auzzie Artyst says:

That kid seriuosly looks like Seth McFarlane…just saying

Patrick Bateman says:

Clark the Bear must be Pedobear’s cousin.

fantasyrookie says:

Thats not a stoner ,he looks like his tripping balls!!!

tiki0036 says:

when he said, “wow, man…” i died.

Big C 1995 says:

0:19, pedo bear base ball. :3

boom bob says:

This would be me lol

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