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Christmas Fails (December 2016) || FailArmy

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Christmas is over but the fails don’t stop. Any of these remind you of your holiday? Leave it in the comments! If you’re still feeling festive, get the FailArmy holiday movie here! http://bit.ly/holidaymovieYT Cheers.

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Parachute Santa Slams Into Street https://goo.gl/i3AJbt
Santa Hat Front Flip Faceplant n/a
Woman Tries to Smash Gingerbread House With Knuckles https://goo.gl/GaoRG0
Costumed Santa Falls Off Motorcycle https://goo.gl/0SJ4xM
Cat Can’t Stand Santa Costume https://goo.gl/gXiOlf
Girl Cries Over Toy Santa Falling https://goo.gl/6TfC81
Cats Get Scared by Musical Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/V5MlKN
Santa Run Participant Falls https://goo.gl/sejbTY
Cat Won’t Share Presents https://goo.gl/TvcljI
Cat Takes down Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/3ExL8w
Kids Upset Over Soup Present https://goo.gl/u2S67t
Girl Gets Toy Stuck in Hair https://goo.gl/BFowfr
Little Girl Disappointed with Christmas Present https://goo.gl/mWHNop
Fake Snake Begins to Move https://goo.gl/5GdGLy
Boy Cries Over Pretend Christmas Present https://goo.gl/ocXREK
Dad Breaks Chair while Singing Song with Son https://goo.gl/aooJbP
Empty Box Christmas Gift Prank https://goo.gl/ihooVr
Girl Plays Guessing Game and Gets Surprised With a Head https://goo.gl/QzOh74
Dog “Destroys” Christmas Decorations https://goo.gl/laH8W8
Board Falls on Girl Doing Pushups https://goo.gl/ANko6q
Birthday Boy Falls Off Couch While Opening Presents https://goo.gl/hj5f0n
Angel Falls off Top of Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/o6PLqo
Cats Accidentally Knock Over Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/Liku2I
Candy Cane Karate Kick Fail https://goo.gl/y49eUe
Wax Paper Skier Takes out Sister https://goo.gl/8mAiIW
Little Girl Jealous of Father’s Christmas Present https://goo.gl/1dKr4p
RC Car Knocks over Christmas Tree https://goo.gl/Ly2Zwd
Baby Cries on Santa’s Lap https://goo.gl/Q1qAGs
PBR Head Takes Christmas Tree Down at Party https://goo.gl/nxi4ai
Kid Gets Excited Over Present and Falls https://goo.gl/5wAK9k
Christmas Carol Freakout https://goo.gl/WZREWQ
Girl Confirms She’s Seriously OK after Faceplant https://goo.gl/7LQvCP

Christmas Fails (December 2016) || FailArmy


Prims Parolier says:

3:30 "2011"

Hilda Herrera says:

oh yay santa

Hilda Herrera says:

pls do gun fails????????

mytu8e says:

"maybe she sits on your lap and you sit on Santa's lap" Santa you bad man

Эдуарда Шапова says:

Кто из России? ^^

Sky_Wood says:

3:35 2011…

ok xD says:

3:35 Yeah, December 2016 xD…

Matt Brown says:

Oh really 20 bucks dumbass now you have to go to the dentist lol silly bish

Angel Raphael says:

omg this happened to me 1:53 but my mom Gave me toilet paper and sister napkins and little sister soap ?????


Хуйня .. Для американских даунов.

Elite Tempo says:

in 3:29 its say in the backround 2011 not 2016

Austen Braddy says:

stop saying. bad words please there is no point like this comment if you agree

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