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Celebrity Lookalike Guessing Game

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Can we match these celebrity impersonators with their A List lookalikes when they’re out of costume? Find out! GMM #1287.1
Watch Part 2: https://youtu.be/iW4ex4SCFBc
Watch yesterday’s episode from the start: http://bit.ly/GMM1286

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William Morrison says:

I left something in the Lincoln Bedroom and I want to get it back.

Jeremy Skeen says:

That bill Clinton was beautiful

im2cxe4u says:

Ben looks like DiCaprio and Seth McFarland did the fusion dance

Sumopandaman says:

Bill Clinton one was the best. 10 outs of 10!!!

Dalton Psomas says:

Jorden sounds like the maniquine from when they did spin the bottle. Is it the same person??

x0x0_qirl _x0x0 says:

The Bruno Mars dude singing was god awful

Ash 4 rel says:

I can't believe you guys are 40

LabyrinthX says:

I think Johnny Rico looks more like Drew Carey than Bruno Mars

get in says:

DO MORE OF THIS, This was GREAT!!!!!

AnnaJAlexander says:

Mythical Crew, the set is amazing!!! Great job guys

Toaster Roaster says:

Why all the hate on Jordan he’s funny

Kathryn P says:

I wish they would've gotten Derrick Barry for Britney Spears

trollie polie olie says:

wtf i want to guess too. thanks for ruining the fun

whyonhalloween says:

Bill Clinton is freaking vegan XD

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