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Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Funny Auditions (TOP 10 + Bonus)

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SEXYANDguesswhat says:

what does the gold button do?

Jeroen Thissen says:

what are the names of the songs between the auditions?

Aneesah Timbo says:

Who loves Christian

ireenames says:

Granny has nice legs.

Higs1234 says:

I find it extremely rude how everyone laughs at the performer, it takes
great courage just to get up on stage, i now i could never do it.

RichyNice Live says:

My new BGT 2014 compilation of funny auditions ! 

Neena Hashmi says:

The 2nd performance
That songs in my car lol exept the words

DyziovskyGames says:

pls all song ;)

Indéa Windust says:

What does the gold button do?

TheJackalPhantom says:


Tiffenii Nandlall says:

whats the song at 15:00 ?

MrGGLENN2 says:

10:38 he have fart ?

Natalia C says:

Ricky K is SO FUNNY!!!! CAN NOT stop laughing!!!!!!! I replayed it like 10

Xt-Frost says:

Anyone could tell me whats the yellow button for ?

Tom Atkinson says:

You are utterly retarded if you think even half of these are fucking funny.
Fuck you for wasting my time.
Give me the last 10 mins of my life back plz, cos that was unbearable.

Rob Tarry says:

I don’t think the golden buzzer was needed in this case cause that comedian
is going through anyway

Sydney Echols says:

I don’t believe it! She about to be 80 and she can do that without breaking
a hip. When I saw saw Simon

MisterRicola says:

what are the twp guys outside of the stage called?

robaxx says:

that guy at 10:27 was really quite interesting

Shred Hard says:

fuckin Hannibal Lector number 9

Natacha Pambou says:

David is so funny! XD

Wesley Imboden says:

5:51 #YOLO lol

nickvj030 says:


demdem britbrit says:

why was everyone so shocked and why did alesha tear during toju’s

sabri mohammed says:

I laughed so hard at this one 16:00

Dũng Đinh says:
aakash poudel says:

sex bomb sex bomb lol

Meat to please you says:

#2 is à hilarious guy

Boogieman says:

Please tell me all songs for 16:00-18:00

twerk and fart says:

y do the judges have to be so mean to number 9 he was acually pretty good

troy wilson says:

I love how simon wants to control everything and acts like a boss and than
david turned it around :)) power to you david

張威力 says:

Last one is so crazyyy~~ But i have the same feeling as Dave!! PASSION

Mina Düzdemir says:

Man that grandma was amaaaaaazing love the part where simon buzzers and
they look at him

at him

Roger Esquivel says:

Last guy was funny…lol

Xternal47 says:

I love David! hes the best :D

godwin dany says:

Transition song Please…

Andy Shen says:

whats the music in this last part when david open the gold button and the
song was nice who can help me

Tiina Litukka says:


Crystal Jalalludin says:

Watch this u can forget ur problems hahaha

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