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BEST CLASSROOM PRANK EVER!!! Professor Stabbed in Lecture

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This Prank was done on First year college students who had their first day in the college.
How would you would react if you were in that classroom?
(Professor stabbed in classroom during a lecture)

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jane ross says:

Where is the 2nd video?

Christina Smith says:

Make part 2

Siddhant Shah says:

I have goosebumps right now. This was on a whole new level, I am so proud
of you guys man woohoo

Viral Prajapati says:

Dialogue not clearly able to listen!!!!!!!!

Are you guys so fool? please make the voices clear

kishor kori says:

Awesome Prank yaar….really enjoyed….waiting for the 2nd part…..keep
it up Guys…..:)

Paul Neverloves says:

Yea Awsm!! Lemme Know when are ya ppl gonna release the 2nd part?! Guess
what? Im pretty excited :D

Awkwardness Unlimited says:

This was really good guys! Keep the awesomeness going :)

Asif Khan says:

HAHA too good….koi mere college ake bhi prank kar do yaar

bibek bhakat says:

You are osm guy’s….. My friend circle always lyk your videos thanks for
entertaining us…. We love you 

Funk You says:

Thumbs Up if you want your friends to be Pranked on the first day of their
college! :D

Chetan Chawla says:

You Know I Appreciate All This Social Experiments But Really We All Fail In
This. Look At That Shit Whole Class And 2 Culprits but Still no one did
anything some started recording …. btw im happy coz i know these
experiments can make a change So keep doing it and i wish you guys best of

TheEverythingYoville says:

India looks like an amazing place.

Anon Verks says:

Hi Indian people!

Bratish Poddar says:

what the heck! thats not funny at all

Sukhmeet Kaur says:

Damn I would beat their Ass up


😀 its cool
I would have taken the video n upload it on fb 

anan sriprommarak says:

make it professional dude!!! half of the class was laughing when the
professor got stabbed!!!!!!!

shaikh rumana says:

Great Work (y) 

Alexa Patra says:

which idiot authorize this in classroom?

Ameya Pawle says:


Yam Neps says:

Fuck u all indian !!.all guys who were in class r ass hole !! Just be a man
(not like a human )

jayjaybirdsnest says:

Took that shit way too far, what if one of those other kids had a knife or
something on them? Could have actually stabbed someone.
I know if i was there i would have choked some cunt out if they came in
there fighting, let alone stabbed a guy.

Ganesh Das says:

we all see and not act.. thats a major problem I have too….

Anupam Khattri says:

Idiots. try making something worth watching.

عرب عرب says:

coward indians

piyush sharma says:

now thats what we call prank of india…..awesome.

Kamal Khan says:

Good job guys i liked

mahesh krish says:

Some of these students were laughing while this all happend. I think they
knew it was a prank. And those boys were actually hitting, pushing and
shoving each other such unnecessary violence. And you people call this a

rashid sana says:


Vincent Gwapome says:

I hope our do something crazy like that all we is read and write everyday

Niral Palwe says:

Wtf where is Indian culture going, saale madarchod dicks do something good
than bullshitting around. Dislike this video 

Nishant Sengar says:

come on man, go easy on your friend.. the beating is too harsh for a prank
like that

harry d says:

common seriously, wtf prank was it, first of all very sad to believe that
only two guys was trying to beat a guy in the whole class room & no one
even tried to stop them, this shows how much people neglect the crime which
is happening in their surrounding because its not happening with them….
rather than people thinking to take a step forward & making sure we will
fight against the violence, everyone is praising that they got some funny
clip here… bullshit.. nothing against “Funk You” team atleast you showed
us the bitter reality of our society

Richie Rich says:

Shit man too much scary kinda! 

Erasmes De Rotterdam says:

this shit is way too long. I’m out!

Imran Imtiaz says:

Really nice Prank guys! you guys are the next roman and vitaly!..

Rizal Forevaa says:

this’s really bad example,,collage student shouldnt act like that, even
just for a prank,.

Sagar Samge says:

Awesome bro……..keep it up !!!!!!

Prashik Bagde says:


Devendra Pandey says:

hahahahah , best one so far , loved it

Govinda Paniapen says:

kool (y) ,a big surprise ^_^

Nimesh Dakdar says:

Really cool those kids were *** screaming

Syed Fayaz Shah says:

Awesome :D

Parth Parker says:

Best pranks ever seen…

naveen sharma says:

awesome guys…. but yr shit student jo professor ki help nhi krte

Mitesh Doshi says:

Benchod i cant understand a thing 

Ricky haldar says:


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