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Behind the Scenes with Rhett & Link!

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Sierra asdf says:

Rhett is 6’7, so link is significantly taller than I imagined

Kaylee Giles says:

Aw this made me happy 

Maxithecat05 AJ says:

Links cup has I Heart Legolas? …you know me… Legolas is one of my
favorite characters.. 

Nadiah Nordin says:

I’m probably about Lee’s height, so that’s how I’d look like standing next
to Rhett and Link.

Derek Lorance says:

I have that same Spongebob mug.

Tyrone Jordan says:

I want them to meet will

Kenny Donnison says:

These guys are idiots even by american standards 

Euterpe001 says:

Their little D?

conqueringiants says:

Those mugs tho!!! Tardis and legolas!!!!!!!

Satabdi Mukherjee says:

What is Rhett and lee doing from 4:00-4:05? Looks like some kind of Kung fu

TheSuperEpicGamer1 says:

i wish i could be on that stage just for fun

grace mourad says:

i love rhett and link

The Plaids says:

3:41 nice high five link:) 

josSASsy says:

Rhett is probably like the only person who would never ever have to stand
on boxes.

Dallas Wood says:

links shoes are totally baller

shavontaers says:

Never noticed how muscular link is 

Thomas Vo says:
Kimberly Short says:

I just have to say… Joe Bereta and my husband are too similar… to the
point that it is creepy. Look very similar, make similar expressions…
both apparently are NOT fond of horses. I think you two are twin brothers,
separated at birth.

Media & Entertainment News says:

New On IrieTubeApp Behind the Scenes with Rhett & Link! http://ow.ly/2zIzcE

ronofdepere says:

i cant find the episode with rhett and link doing table talk

xfileskid says:

Watching this makes me wish that Rhett and Link became show regulars, they
seem to fit in so well with the rest of the crew!

Zwm210 says:

Joe has a major farmers tan

jdog1225dj says:


NeO WesT says:

fuck it who cares ?

Geoshi says:

3:56-4:03 – Link not giving a single fuck lol.

jdog1225dj says:

How tall is Rhett?

MrDylandude123 says:

HAha Rhett and Link are so fucking funny this was great!

JeSuis007 says:

More behind the scenes!

bluemoonicecream22 says:

Best table talk ever-Rhett, Link, Joe, AND Elliott. The best guys on Youtube

SanokoMiakE says:

<3 Norg.

droxursox319 says:

Whoops nevermind, just saw Elliott’s comment confirming he’s 6’1″…haha

Harry John Coles 3rd says:

the whitezone in sourcefed is everywhere………crackers

Ben Shabtai says:

You can always watch the Mythical Show.

SergioAranda0415 says:

Lee is so short, no wait shes travel size…

Eirik Hagen says:

Lee is such an little person <3

Jay Tray says:

did norg trim his beard cause he is looking gooood

SavageBlightArt says:

I think you mixed up Elliot’s and Link’s height.

1800SHWEEEET says:

Calm your dick hole, they film them a day in advance and they filmed it on
Friday so it should be out on Monday.

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