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BEAT THE BUSH | GTA 5 Funny Moments | E384 (with The Sidemen) (GTA 5 Xbox One)

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PetayPanMoFo says:

Thanks for playing my race! Just a quick one for first person using new
props! You should play my Stunt Monstrosity race! 😉 Awesome vid as always!

Zuckerhut says:

What happened to the Zentorno (is that how you spell it?) gang?

Charlie plays says:

Why did josh and Simon join the adder squad

Rowan English says:

Vikk (S) tar
Tob (I) jzl
Olaji (D) bt
Z (E)rka
Mini (M) inter
Wro (E) toshaw
Behzi (N) ga


ZerkaaPlays says:
Snozzcrumble says:

1:10 “what do you rate them out of 8?” ……errrrrr..u wan shum? XD

Jusus Crust says:

Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8 U Wan sum? no h8

Robert Wishart says:

PS4 name suggestions: If so comment on this comment thanks

Solbakken7 says:

Dont do hipster jokes, theyre too mainstream;)

Seán Devlin says:

I guarantee you if Simon didn’t do the jumps josh wouldn’t say anything,
but of course Simon slags josh for it

BlazeMoreGaming says:

The Bush is Thick Boys! Lol sometimes on that race when everyone blows up
at beginning you may spawn in someone else’s car.

HKSGames says:

The amount of races they’ve done and they still don’t realise that if you
spin in the air when you are on a bike that you have a better chance of

Connor Knapp says:

Why is josh being adder so much now? Aha 

cFc FiRe says:

I found the damn, no its a bridge far to funny.

george prevett says:

i swear simon is so fucking annoying when playing other games 

Ty Perez says:

Why is KSI the leader of sidemen when he doesn’t even play anymore and
Harry rarely plays also?

martinhj97 says:

i just had a wank at the heist trailer

The Andronium says:

More first-person. Please!

Kian Boumans says:

‘Damn’ ‘No its a bridge’ LMFAO

Adnan Januzaj says:

hold up… toby won a race?

Joe Taylor says:

The real karma between Ethan and josh is that Ethan is going to die soon of
diabetes anyway 

FzhrGaming says:

How do we find the playlists you play?? Please link them

Philly Delphia says:

How much does a hipster weigh? An instagram

Erfan Hosseini says:

+ZerkaaPlays can you and the sidemen play DAY Z. It’s better the more
people you have

Alexander Ekrot says:


Ross Jenner says:

Great video josh keep up the good work you and the sidemen are awesome

Nikola Gerberg says:

Fifa challenge where all players lower than 60 pace

Rossi Fifa FC says:

Simon you stupid! Simon: “Dam”
Josh:” no it’s a bridge”

Bryan Klever says:

*Josh* is such a sweaty bastard..

Jack Hutchinson says:

Vikk starts humming Justin Bieber- Baby!

Jordan Dunlop says:

What is the song call in the first race?

laserking2607 says:

Stop waiting!!!! It’s so annoying

NauZia says:

Ethan’s laugh pisses me off so much does it annoy anyone else?

Jacob Cooke says:

RIP Zentorno Gang :'(

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