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‘ANNUAL SIDEMEN DERBY!’ GTA 5 Funny Moments With The Sidemen (GTA 5 Online Funny Moments)

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Anthony R says:

I actually think you should replace JJ and W2S, or just add 2 more people
who will actually play 

ThatTallGuy says:

Everything Ethan says makes him sound really dumb, most of the things he
says aren’t even remotely funny! 

Bob says:

Does miniminter, mm7games, Real nimrod and wedgeman look like Simon or is
it just me?

Edgars Kučiks says:

is it just me? click like button in start of the video.

Arjit Mehra says:

The things Ethan says xD Hysterical hahahahhaha

wesam WSM says:

Simon your friends are gay as fuck 

James Dunne says:

Why the fuck do you never play properly it’s so annoying 

Rektor Gaming says:

Does anyone want to make a group like the sidemen on Xbox One ?

Keyserjnr J says:

like if your watching this in 2014 

Shredz says:


Paddy Biddle says:

Can someone plaeeseeeee tell me how they play all go those really fun

FREE | Minecraft, GTA, CSGO, CoD & More says:

I know Vikk is away, but only 3 sidemen is bad -_- At least when Vikk is
back, it will be a little better, shame KSI and W2S don’t play.

André Cota says:

Please play my race called confusion gamertag is TheWolfRacer

Joe Ranahan says:

Oh look simon sweating like a paedo in a playground that never happens…
oh wait

Kassy Saad says:

kenan and kel was the best tv show ever.

Strauberry says:

Is that the Vikk of 2015 ?

Lukas Willems says:

Play outlast with the hole sidemen

MajorsOfSoccer says:

Could somebody say me how i can Play this Playlist’s too? 🙂

Would Ne nice 🙂 thank you ;)

TheAmazingNik says:

Ethan is trying too hard.

jonathan chadic says:

If someone wants to make a bo2 or bo1 group with me ps3 add me

Britt De Vulder says:

3 of my family members just died… thanks for helping me getting my mind
off of things <3
(don't think that sentence is right but honestly I don't really care right

Joe McGuire says:

600K! Congrats Simone

Makka Sakka says:

Where’s Vik ?

Matty Shortt says:

What’s the song used 1 minute in, does anyone know?

callum4111 says:

is it just me or does simon remind you of simon from the inbtweeners movie?
not just because of the name

FifaFanatic 123 says:

Hey guys I am a starting fifa gaming channel and i would appreciate it if
you gave me a chance and checked my channel out!! maybe even sub? thank you
guys so much!!

americanreject42 says:

Kenan and Kel reference. British people know Kenan and Kel??

ZionF01 says:

Sub to my channel please 

Jorge Barna says:

Ethan is defiantly gay after this episode..

MrBlindebanen says:

I feel sorry for Ethan. You are dicks.

Joe Jordan says:

Also Vik is with the pack which is Asfjerome vikkstar123mCraftbattleduty
bajancandian and Woofles

Ethan Pearce says:

love the videos simon keep it up!!!

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