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Amy Schumer Hilarious Opening Monologue MTV Movie Awards 2015

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Amy Schumer hosted the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and brought the funny with her opening montage and monologue.
Welcome to Clevver’s Trophy Life where we keep you in the know on all the hot happenings and best moments all award show season.
The MTV Movie Awards are all about the movies and celebrating pop culture so to open up the show, host Amy Schumer was featured in a montage that showed her inserted into scenes from some of your favorite films including Boyhood, Pitch Perfect, Insurgent, The Fault In Our Stars, and she even got to interact with some of the characters!
After some hilarious moments with the characters in some famous scenes from the films, Amy had her hosting skills tested by JK Simmons and then got the Capital treatment by being prepped for the show by none other than Ms. Effie Trinkett.
And speaking of Effie and her Hunger gang, Amy rose to the stage in true Hunger Games fashion through a cylinder modeled after the one that raises Katniss into the arena. Amy then joined an army of backup dancers onstage because apparently award show manuals dictate that we include backup dancers even when absolutely unnecessary.
Then she attempted to take on Katniss’s archery skills but epically failed before the camera panned to Jimmy Kimmel who was supposed to be shot by the arrow. RIP Jimmy.
Then Amy went all in with some witty opening monologue jokes that included her saying QUOTE – “Half of you don’t know who I am and half of you think I’m Meghan Trainor.”
She also took some time to do a mini roast of Kevin Hart, swear than pun wasn’t intended. She started by talking about Snooki’s reality show and one time mistaking it for Little People Big World saying QUOTE – “I watched Snookie’s tv show for like ten minutes thinking it was Little People Big World and was like how did they get so tan?” Then “Speaking of Kevin Hart…Kevin how are you the same height as your kids? Kevin was in movies you didn’t even know he was in. He was in Boyhood. Yeah he played the boy ages 8 through 9. He was also the fake baby in American Sniper.”
Aw poor Kevin. Bruh is fun-sized though.
Amy also had to throw in some of the biggest news on many peoples’ minds saying QUOTE – “After months of speculation, Hilary Clinton finally announced she is taking Zayn’s spot in One Direction. The first woman in One Direction. I never thought I’d live to see the day.”
This girl is hilarious. Did yall hear her joke about Magic Mike XXL and her hands? I can’t repeat it, it was a rated R moment, but I hope you didn’t miss it.
But what do you think was the funniest moment during the awards? PLEASE, share your answer below or let’s get personal and tweet me directly, @Miriamisa @clevvernews. I’m Miriam Isa reminding you to subscribe to Clevver News, and then click right over here to check out a rundown of some of the very best moments from the entire show. And there were many! Thanks for checking in with Clevver’s Trophy Life, and I’ll see you next time.

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miranda cruz says:

Instead of talking about it why don’t y’all just fucking show it. I don’t
want to hear you speak. 

Gilroy Foxes says:

Omg I love how Amy did the montage! She is so funny <3

Jos CM says:

I wish this host would shut the hell up and just show the video damn

cactus are coool says:

Love love love her

erika calica says:

Holy fuck… Why dont the host just stfu and just show the video

Lee Sills says:

It is called clever news but somehow mussing the clever part. It would be
more effective to have the real clips not a host talking points. Boring.

Clay Brice says:

I think that the funniest moment of Amy’s monologue was when she appeared
in some of the scenes from last year’s films. Thanks +Miriam Isa for the

sketchawayray says:

Damn I missed out last night! This was hilarious!

Natalie 5SOS says:


jmdogs97 says:

Why does she look so different now???



Estephanie Delgado says:


Victoria Smith says:

Amy is hilarious. She did great.

queefmaster says:


Estela Zarate says:

Am I the only one that just KNEW there had to be some One Direction joke in
the show haha? 

Jean Aguilar says:


Lovethingsbeautyxoxo says:

Haha love this

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