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Probably one of the most adorable kids on Minecraft… trolled. Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support!



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videogames says:

Hey Videogamers! This is one of the most adorable funny squeakers you’ll
probably ever see on here. No one tops this kid and while he was trolled a
tad bit he was still a good sport! Smash that like button if you enjoyed
and check out the director!

Also, +FuturisticHub came out with a Halloween Animation special so check
it out when you can!
NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS [Minecraft Animation] (Whats this Parody) Jack

awesomesonic159 says:

I actually feel like trolling has effected the kids now. We should just
stop trolling kids and start trolling teens or something! We should let
these kids have a life for once.

YoImAPanda says:

Longest comment chain ever starts now!
There was once a man….

Ryan Fearro says:

That kid’s gay af In my opinion 

Nick mackenzie says:


GamerMythic says:

How on earth is this bullying? They even helped him build his house! He
didn’t seem that sad to me and the kid would get angry for one second and
forget why in the next. I think people just need to chill

ItsSwiftNade says:


Mike Difabrizio says:

What kind of parent allows their 1 year old to play Xbox?

MiteNite says:

How did he have a horse spawn egg ._. Or i didn’t see it right but I’m
pretty sure that’s a horse spawn egg.

xTooGoodForYou says:

And you didn’t blow that shits house up why?

DE Alien says:

are they so heartless, not to have enough kindness in to stop for a little
child that is getting distressed bullies

TheGamingUniq says:

Hey guys, I just uploaded a video. Come and check it out :)

Smexie Minxs says:

Hey this kid was young. Im pretty sure he doesn’t know much and you guys
are being assholes while he just wants to play.

slamron99 says:

Does anybody know how to zoom in your youtube videos when you editing? For
Example: Just say if your playing Cod then you see somebody that is on the
opposite team looking at you getting ready to kill you. You pause your
video and put an arrow that shows where he/she is. And then you continue
and zoom out an kill them. How would you do that, I’ve been thinking about
this for quite a while.

Katniss Payne says:

1000th 🙁 never will be happy unless some one cheers me up

Avid GodZ says:

Im goimg to add this kid he sounds soo cute

odin sekkingstad håbrekke says:

Facking kid wtf

Emmanuel Salazar says:

Good video, ima subscribe and like 😀

Another thing… Do u play on xbox or ps3?

Mike Schmitt says:

This kid Sounds like he’s 3 

Nick mackenzie says:

Top headphone users 2:00

Jose Colon says:

What’s 9+10 video games 

Revoked Clan says:

Stop trolling suck nice kids don’t be assholes 

dec123451000 says:

Video games are beast in every way possible

ghwilliam says:

How is that even a troll. -_-

Jordan Foster says:

not first….

Ram Salinas says:

How do you type on other comments??

masteratzombies201 says:

Who else thought he sounded like Donal duck

alex dog says:

La mia

DarkReaperHD says:

Is he FKING 3 jeesus

Retarded Duck says:

Why troll the adorable kid :(

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