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5 hilarious, amazing impersonators from Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent

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These impersonators from Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent provided us plenty of laughs and astonishment, for a variety of reasons… Take a look, and if you think we’ve missed a great impersonator, let us know in the comments below!

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Watch the original, full length clips –

Little Ozzy: http://youtu.be/esPH-69Bblg
Melissa Villasenor: http://youtu.be/vuQoQMzfG48
Martyn Crofts: http://youtu.be/MEWtk9hLZCE
Max Oliver: http://youtu.be/duokXKYPd4Q
Lorna Bliss: http://youtu.be/Gxpgez6bk6U

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Jill Alfrejd says:

is she actually wearing flags!!?!

NickPlaysRoblox says:

the person with the pan was acting as a dalek in doctor who in abc2 at night

Doctor Pringle says:

Everybody who comes on these shows are laughed at this should be called
‘Britain Got No Talent’ 

PokemonZombieCraft says:


VJose32 World of Cards says:

Number 5 wasn’t amazing, just weird. Number 2 was just scary and can’t
sing. Ditto for number 1.

Devon Christian says:

i dont get #3
1994 kid coming through

TheAmazingSpider-Man979 says:

Those lucky judges (N#1)

Meghan Morse says:

That Britney Spears chick got mostly naked and danced for the judges on
other shows like this too. Pretty sure she’s paid to do it.

WhatTheGame says:

“What’s Michael gonna get?” A Boner sir. A boner.

sean edwards says:

2:00 was a good one, since I’m a whovian I really loved it! 

PonyBassDrops says:

Max is such a queen. <3

Blue Fire Kitsune says:

I sorry but who is Martyn impersonating

goblo023 says:

3:53 best one 🙂 no question? all agree?:)

Clarissa O'Neil says:

take notes britney spears (N1)

TheSmileyFaceFTW says:

#1 just tried to use sex appeal to win :P

John Raniaga says:

3:49 No censors beyatches :p

Madhurika Ramesh says:

GO TO 1:48


WB3EatMyToast says:

they forgot to censor 3:48 XD

ArtisticDreams says:

I’m here for the TATAS

Selinor578 says:

This was mainly a load of dumbed down rubbish. The title of vid said
“hilarious” and “amazing”. Hmmmmm, just cause the kiddies in the crowd
scream, as they’re supposed to doesn’t elevate this at all.

Leila Gould says:

I like 1

Varied Gamer says:

Of course he naked women is #1

rena horowitz says:

wow shes almost naked

Cleveland Williams says:

Look at 3:05 XD at Simon’s face 

ethan mwas says:

#Jill She was not the were just covering just beacuse

ForgeHaloRacetracks says:

I don’t think that last audition would fly in America!

Avery the fox says:


Annie tran says:

the last two are life scarring…

franky frank says:

The comedian girl

Averie Brown says:

was the last person try to inpersonate Miley Cyrus? 

Sarah Stallman says:

Ummmmmmm I scared

Isiah William says:

am i the only one who though #4 was hot? .-.

Hatsune Miku Terryaki Suzuki Honda Civic says:

2:49 lol

iNutella On ROBLOX says:

Wow. Imitating Britney. XD ??? why did she have to take off her clothes.
Brit was covered in the vid O.o

Twisted Leyo says:

Lady Gaga: My name is Max Oliver
Me: Da Hell?

The gaming Geek says:

Pause at 3:49 and there is no flags

Hannah Reed says:

Da fuck not expecting the lady gaga boy #mindblowing #perminatydramatized

Mr.Śmietnik says:

Oh GOD ?!

Neil Platt says:

boobs boobs boobs

Ronald lee Vaught says:

no handles.

Rachel San Dena says:

First three were good. Last two….not so much.

SingenStatt Atmen says:

My God, from Britain you only picked the rubbish ones – WHY?! D:
Some brilliant ones (okay they’re impressionist not impersonators, but so
is Melissa) are: Francine Lewis, Marea Smithson, Paul Burling and many

Atidja Kadri says:

De site girl is no good

nina m says:

Omg that attention seeker was on xfactor too #1

xrei alook says:

:0 to young for me 😮 i’m gona have nightmares

Michelle Nevin says:


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