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14 MONTHS!! SHINY DITTO!! Reclaim from Fail! Quest For Shiny Living Dex #132 | Shiny #22

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Shiny Ditto Fail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLzXik-5GhI

Our 22nd Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, a Shiny Ditto!!! This Shiny Ditto took us 14 months to finally reclaim from a huge Shiny Ditto Fail back in Pokemon XY! I’m so glad to finally have this blue blob!! Be sure to check out our Livestream for daily streams and Shiny Hunting!

How to Shiny Hunt in Sun and Moon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HcQ9F2zPQI

Shiny Living Dex: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbqHnMvmkcWYqcAOPQ8v9-WnqFLkpwPSF
Living Dex Progress: https://goo.gl/rmVd8U
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Dark Link says:

I just caught a shiny rockruff today. I play Pokemon Sun, do you think I should evolve it into daytime lycanroc. I really can't decide and I would like other people's opinions. thanks in advance

Jirachi Lies mudkipz (Butter000000000) says:

If u reply I will hunt a shiny female salandit

MrMcHomeless says:

I got my shiny ditto in 31 encounters, when i was hunting for 4iv ditto ?

Boi says:

hey guys why don't you take the train?

CrabPotato says:

what pokemon was he using at the start? It looks awesome and I want to catch it!

9_Volt says:

i got my shiny ditto on 7 encounters lol

Cray 17 says:

Have you considered catching a shiny with a beast ball? It would be so cool!

No1Does Itbetter says:

you know you could just not use substitute and let the ditto transform. then he has all of your moves. I don't think a level 25 ditto is gonna knock out a lvl 88 any time soon. you could also use a poke with hypnosis or something. increases catch rate and prevents him from struggling.

Inner Peace Gaming says:

why don't you hunt mimikyu you said you would

Wobbie Panda says:

Why don't you paralyze the shiny so it can't call for help?

angel hernandez says:

the game hasn't been out for 14 months… me smells click bait

manichinoisherefemaledogs says:

Right when he got the shiny ditto I got my Shiny Zubat ?

Snivyslayer Gaming says:

I caught a shiny bounsweet in less that 35 encounters. I wasn't even hunting it, I just wanted one with good IV's xD

Vaden Robins says:

I've gotten two shinies in sun and moon, they were both random encounters. The sucky thing tho was i was on 500 encounters for shiny stufful and i killed the stufful and was going to get the stufful again a shiny trumbeak appeared. I was mad, but at least that's one of the best shinies in my opinion

Rainbow muk says:

Dan it meant bacon

Riley Forbes says:

I've got a shiny ditto

Felipe Eskenazi says:

Adrive I made an sos an my shiny eevee called another?
I had to kill one I feel horrible

Roseya 478 says:

hey any guy can comment on this please. I'm restarting my Pokemon Pearl for those who understands you get to name your rival in this. The first guy or unisex name I see I will use.

Alx006 says:

If you didnt see it live the Chat was just spamming – Master ball! – Use master ball!

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