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2814 – 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD]

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A collaboration between Vaporwave producers Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者, 2814 is a project that creates cyberpunk-esque, dystopian yet psychedelic and relaxing ambient soundscapes. Drifting off into a daydream is hard to avoid as each track flawlessly flows into another, each with its own unique atmosphere.

1. 恢复/Recovery 0:00
2. 遠くの愛好家/Distant Lovers 5:51
3. 新宿ゴールデン街/Shinjuku Golden Street 12:09
4. ふわっと/Drifting 21:01
6. 真実の恋/True Love 27:25
7. テレパシー/Telepathy 34:29
8. 新しい日の誕生/The Birth of a New Day 44:37

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Tom Servo says:

It's like I'm really reading Moebius

Potevio Hong Kong says:

Amazing Album.

Data_Lore Exe says:

1. 恢复/Recovery [0:00] 2. 遠くの愛好家/Distant Lovers [5:51] 3. 新宿ゴールデン街/Shinjuku Golden Street [12:09]4. ふわっと/Drifting [21:01] 5. 悲哀/Sorrow (MISSING?) 6. 真実の恋/True Love [27:25] 7. テレパシー/Telepathy [34:29] 8. 新しい日の誕生/The Birth of a New Day [44:37]

Vincent Aurand says:

Yeah so this one definitely makes me feel some type of way.

laurie durand says:

2017 will be the year of cyberpunk

Veris says:

It's 5am again…


The only mix on Youtube that is truly relaxing and chill. Thank you for this

Sib Mackern says:

Just finished listening and wow that was fantastic.

anExtreamlyOriginalName says:

this album makes me want to change myself.

M e m o r Y says:

The opening track is soooo fucking beautiful

SHMIMME THE CAT 1331 says:

when did this release?

Brandon says:

quite soothing and satisfying

Haku Otaku says:

This turned me into a 1-Up like 40 times.

jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen says:

This is not a Wafflewave record this is pure Cyberpunk ambient solid soundtrack for a movie that wasnt released…yet…"Shy brat"did a great job on this album….a man s job sir…

Seiyariu says:

This album is complete magic. Every time I listen to it it takes me back to the time I first heard it. Alone in my bed at night, wrapped up in my covers as the house was always so cold. In the darkness of my room with rain hitting the windows and the light of the street lamp creeping through the curtains, I would listen and be in complete awe of this album. I was just finishing my final year of study. I felt anxiety and excitement not knowing the road ahead. I felt alone and independent, something that makes me happy to my core. I would stare at the ceiling with this playing and imagine how the future would play out. It's nice that this album takes me back to a time in my life that I remember so fondly, the final time I was truly 'free'. Things are a lot different now.

✪ Spen ✪ says:

zajebioza pozdrawiam cieplutko a;0

subject 2/2 says:

dad whats internet

• SVNDMVN • says:

Love this.

Caribou says:

I don't know about you guys but this album made me feel fear. It was the first time I felt scared in music, especially when it got loud and glitchy for a moment, like someone was screaming. I was physically tearing up. I'm so amazed by this album, it's like it's trying to say tell me something

Aspiniou says:

i wish i could get this on vinyl…it's like $150 on discogs. :(((

Omar Magallanes says:

h o o k e d

Jack D says:

It kind of sounded boring at first, but after a while I developed a strange love for the nostalgic, psychedelic, surreal, and truly unique sound this has. Truly amazing.

Larry & Goose says:

能力者, 2814 How do you get that font?

ForFunSeries says:

Sounds like Blade Runner with a hint of Silent Hill. Truly a gem!

Terrell T (謙 Kenshin TM 信) says:

The best album you'll ever listen too

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